Move small boats easily and safely with Wheel-A-Weigh

As nimble as they are on the water, small boats are awkward to move over dry land. By oneself or on a windy day, attempting it can be outright dangerous. Davis Instruments Wheel-a-Weigh is a set of removable launching wheels that mount on the transom of dinghies, RIBs and tenders. It provides the ability to simply roll the boat to the water instead of wrestling and potentially damaging it.

Wheel-a-Weigh comes in two versions. The Standard model is for boats up to 100kg and the robust Extra Duty accommodates up to 150kg.

Using Wheel-a-Weigh is fast and easy. Stainless steel pivot brackets are permanently installed onto the solid transom of an inflatable, fiberglass, aluminum or wooden vessel. Positioning them at the widest point possible ensures maximum stability and room for an outboard, if used. Then, the wheel assemblies are attached to the brackets using quick-release pins. Once at the water they can be flipped up out of the way or simply removed for storage.

With non-corrosive wheel hubs for years of easy rolling, Wheel-a-Weigh is built to last. The Standard model weighs 4.2kg and comes with straight frames and 26cm inflatable tires. The Extra Duty weighs 7.2kg, has 36cm tires and innovative curved frames that move the point of balance farther forward for increased maneuverability.

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