JPKs tough-out the Fastnet

On the “tough-out” meter the Fastnet is right up there considering the 608nm course down the channel and across the Irish Sea, the navigation hazards including the tides and, this year, the other 340 competitors out there to claim a Podium position.

Jean Pierre Kelbert another of the famed French yachtsmen of these times and the builder of the successful JPKs will be competing again and this time in his new JPK 10.30 in both the Double Handed and Overall IRC divisions. He told Mattijs Willenborg of JPK Pacific, “This is our new JPK and we hope to sail fast, but the Fastnet is a race of many challengers like you're fighting four men in a boxing ring. We need to keep at maximum speed across all the angles to do well in the Fastnet, but our boats go well in all conditions.”

The amazing results in the Fastnet race over the past six years of the French JPK yachts, highlighted by Pascal and Alex Loison sailing Double Handed to win Overall IRC handicap plus the Double Handed category, was emphasized again last Fastnet with JPKs featuring in eight of the 11 Podium divisions.

In the 2019 Fastnet there are 22 JPKs entered and three competing in Overall IRC Handicap and the Double Handed category. There are three JPKs entered in the 2019 Fastnet in preperation for their entry this years Sydney to Hobart.

Mattijs of JPK Pacific said, “The durability of the JPKs in tough conditions, combined with versatility and their ability to sail to a rating, see the JPK fleet expanding here in the Asia / Pacific region. We are a little surprised of the awareness out there of the JPK legend. The Sydney Hobart is a race that the JPK’s will excel, especially after Courier Leon the JPK 10.80 was second Overall IRC Handicap in the 2015 Hobart. JPK Pacific is now offering the JPK 10.80 and JPK 11.80 models to our Asia/Pacific market, so come and talk about winning at the Sydney International Boat Show in August.”

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