Australian marina sector resilience tested

The Marina Industry Association (MIA) has launched the 2019 Club Marine Health of the Australian Marina Industry Survey (HAMIS); the fourth of a series of such reports that track the economic, social and environmental health of the Australian industry.

MIA President Andrew Chapman said, “This unique and increasingly valuable industry research is underpinned by the exceptionally high level of participation by Australian marinas.”

Based on a sample size of 47% of Australia’s 309 club and commercial marinas, the survey report provides comprehensive insights into what is proving to be a very resilient industry sector. This was demonstrated during the 2008 financial crisis and is evident in the data collected over last eight years of HAMIS surveys.

This resilience will be tested over the coming months and years. In July MIA released a report entitled ‘Impacts of Covid-19 Pandemic on Australian Marinas’ based on data from 33% of Australia’s marinas. This indicated an AU$48m reduction in Australian marina revenues over the three-month period March – May 2020. Both the just released HAMIS and Covid-19 impacts reports were compiled by the Recreational Marina Research Centre at Michigan State University (MSU) for the MIA.

Dr Ed Mahoney from MSU said, “The Australian marina industry has committed to a continuing effort to scientifically collect and report data concerning their performance unlike any world-wide.”

The most recent 2019 HAMIS indicates strong growth in marina gross revenues. Over the period 2013-2019 there was a 52% increase in gross revenues and the ratio of payroll to gross revenue remained at around 23%. Supply of on-water boat storage is constrained and over the eight years to 2019 there was 4% increase in storage while vessel occupancy was steady. The data highlights the capital-intensive nature of marinas. The 2019 study indicated capital expenditure was on average AU$750,000 for those 72% of marinas that made such expenditures.

Club Marine CEO, Karen Te Maipi said, “The research project is widely supported by Club Marine. Over the years, Club Marine has focused growing emphasis on being a respected industry leader for the marine sector. More than ever due to the current environment, this survey provides imperative data to gain reliable and valuable insights into the current trends of the Australian Marina industry which is essential information for the marine sectors continued growth.”

More analysis from the 127 page HAMIS report will be progressively released by the MIA and the full report is available for purchase via the MIA website.

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