Ideal for keelboats, they feature fully-machined aluminium cheeks and sheaves incorporating a full contact, self-lubricating composite bearing running on a polished duplex stainless steel hub.

Made from a plush, four-way stretch Spandex fabic, with a soft thermal fleece inner layer, to provide warmth, the fabric has water repellent outer face that shields from splashes and spray, is wind repellent and breathable too.

Your marine battery – if given the chance – will try and push as much current from positive to negative as it can… hundreds or thousands of amps. Too much current – just like the burners in your oven – can cause enough heat to start a fire.

Zhik has released a new range of active wear suitable for watersports and shore-based exercise and activities.

As sailing events begin to re-start, the app makes it easy for skippers to manage contact tracing requirements during training, racing and maintenance activities.

Drawing a miniscule 4.2 amps at 240V (1000w) and 25 amps at 12v (300w), the compact water heater is ideal for cruising yachts.

Ultra clear 207 Special Clear Hardener was specifically developed for coating and fibreglass cloth application where the aim is an exceptionally clear, moisture resistant, clear carbon fibre or natural wood finish.

Sailing schools, charter organisations, instructors and coaches are now looking at adapting how they work as lockdown restrictions are starting to be eased. Finding facial protection and PPE to use afloat is an increasingly important part of this equation.

Lake Macquarie sailor Michael Babbage offers a unique service to clients around Australia, branching out from sail making to rigging supply and advising through his company, MEB Sail Design.

Powerpads 3 are made from a durable neoprene with reinforcement in high wear areas to protect from abrasion.

There is a simpler way to show people where you are with this free app.

All the garments are lined with a fast drying, soft, inner fleece for additional warmth and comfort.

The tool, developed in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Sport, allows athletes to track their activity anywhere in the world, and coaches can monitor remotely.

The race couldn't take place, which means the shirts and caps could become collector's items in years to come.

There are more uses to a laser flare than just attracting rescuers according to SOS Marine.

The PSA van has been on site at Laser events in Victoria since Boxing Day, dispensing spares and effecting repairs whenever needed.