Coupled with his work as a sail designer, Lechte has led the logistics on several Olympic, Volvo Ocean Race and America’s Cup campaigns.

The SX Series has a Gypsy designed to manage both rope and chain while the independent drum rotation operates for warping.

AMSA advises that GPS users should navigate with caution, having due regard for the potential errors that may occur with GPS receivers following the rollover on April 6, 2019.

Offset seams eliminate bulk and reduce chafe or pressure points when used under loads from trimming the sails.

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AkzoNobel employs 3,000 scientists in 70 laboratories around the world and recently launched its Paint the Future startup challenge.

This latest edition includes new gear, new reviews, many new illustrations and much more.

HydroMerino ImageHydroMerino is an entirely new composite material, resulting from extensive development with the Dongfeng Race Team during the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18.

BOAT01 is designed to be deployed off the back of a boat or jetty, creating an 8x6m safety zone.

A fascinating quest for a lady's search for the entire history of her beloved spidsgatter.

Communications just became a little clearer with help from AMW Wholesale.

Lessons learned from round the worlders makes for a better lifejacket for all.

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Look out for these coming to Australia in 2019.

Measures tank levels from the outside via vibration.