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Shifty south easterly breezes rarely reached more than twelve knots, in stark contrast to the 25-plus knots blasting across the Swan River the day before.

Lewis Bennett murdered his wife, Isabella Hellmann, on the high seas in May, then deliberately sank his catamaran in an ultimately failed attempt to stage an accident, prosecutors allege.

Racing was delayed briefly until a light 5 to 7-knot breeze established itself, however conditions remained challenging throughout the afternoon.

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The regatta attracted 49 competitors from New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Queensland taking on a strong Victorian contingent on home waters.

Irish skipper Cudmore has been a regular and welcome competitor at this event over the past two decades, finishing runner-up on numerous occasions.

Fourteen sailors aged from 17 to 67 took part.

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Juan Yacht Design has been selected to design the next IMOCA 60 ‘Arkea Paprec' which will be skippered by Sébastien Simon.

Sailors from around Victoria, NSW, SA and Tasmania bring their recently restored or new build wooden dinghies to the regatta.

The latest in Jeanneau's Yacht range takes some lessons learned from its bigger sisters.

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