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With all internationals, including the defending Kiwis out of the picture due to COVID, the door is wide open for tech2 and others this year.

The Melges 24 Worlds is yet another casualty of COVID-19 which is still rampant in the USA and Europe.

Filmed during the 2019 12mR World Championship in Newport R.I., highlights include racing footage and competitor interviews paired with the experienced insights of the 12MYC’s Station Steward Gary Jobson.

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Competitors will be pleased to see the Festival Village return following last year’s scaled back event.

A late start and tricky light airs kept skippers and their top flight tacticians on their toes all day.

Entry is open and the Notice of Race online for big boat enthusiasts.

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On display will be a 2016 Outremer 5X and the Outremer 51 ‘Archer’ with special guests ‘The Sailing Family’ for a meet and greet. This is a great opportunity to see a true live aboard blue water catamaran close up.

If it works for cars, why not bring sailing boats into the fold?

The Worldwide Classic Boat Show is bringing the world of classic boats into your computer.