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Holger Danske, also known as Ogier The Dane, is a famous Danish knight.

The Tech2 team had to come from behind in both races but showed outstanding crew work over the entire day and thoroughly deserved their victories and lead in the championship.

Peter Byford and David Hudson have come close to winning their first Sydney 38 Championship previously, and their hard work has finally paid off.

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Because there is less wind pressure in wind shadows, it’s critical to know the precise location of each boat’s bad air zone so you can avoid these areas of turbulent and slower-moving air.

Competitors were aged between 13 and 65 years old, showcasing the regatta as a true WASZP event.

Teams from three southern states will take to Corio Bay for the SAILING Champions League – Asia Pacific Southern Qualifier January 25 – 27 as part of the MacGlide Festival of Sails, Royal Geelong Yacht Club’s annual flagship sailing regatta.

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Microsoft billionaire’s innovative and eco-fuelled 112m Aqua vessel is to launch after 2024.

Apart from admiring everything wood, visitors will have an opportunity to tour and experience sailing on one of the four tall ships attending.

There is a risk of hatches delivered before September 2018 detaching from their frames, which could affect safety during navigation.