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The event will be on a smaller scale this year, but no less fun than in previous years, organisers promise.

It is a busy time for organisers at Airlie Beach Race Week on the announcement the Queensland border will open on 10 July.

The police coordinated a search involving water police, rescue helicopters, VMR Bundaberg and Roundhill vessels, with weather conditions hindering search efforts.

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Lisa Darmanin, one of the world's best sailors and 2016 Olympic Silver Medallist in the Nacra 17, talks to Stephen Brayshaw about the Olympic experience and being on the team going to Tokyo.

After consultation with local authorities, the Northern Territory (July), Queensland (September), Western Australia (September), New South Wales (October) and Tasmania (October) events will be able to go ahead as things stand.

Registration procedures will be streamlined through digital channels, the skippers' briefing and the prize giving - which will take place outdoors - will involve a limited number of crew members in proportion to the spaces.

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He is best known for designing the first canting keel in New Zealand, probably anywhere in the world, and his NZ 37, Young 88 and Young 11 designs have been highly successful worldwide

More compact than her big sisters, the NEEL 47, 51 and 65, the new 43 will still have a high freeboard and a very similar pod in terms of design.

By using electric propulsion to regenerate the batteries whilst sailing, the yacht will be able to operate for up to four days without having to plug into shore power or start the two onboard generators.

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