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As the beacon was registered with AMSA, the AMSA Response Centre in Canberra had details of the yacht so they had a better understanding of the situation, while using the PLB locator to track the exact position of the MOB.

The website has enjoyed strong advertising support since it began in 2008, making it a profitable venture.

An overnight search for a yachtsman missing in Bass Strait has been called off after his boat was discovered unmanned. Authorities said it is highly unlikely he survived.

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Dates for the 2021 regatta are 19-25 April, a traditional Autumn timeslot when weather conditions tend to be favourable.

John Winning Jr., Seve Jarvin and Sam Newton won the start and were never headed over the entire North-East course before going on to record a comfortable 1m 36s victory over the Smeg team.

Wind gusts to 30 knots and rising seas led to one yacht being dismasted and another having a spinnaker blown to shreds.

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Having cut the deck off, the biggest component of this restoration project was a new design for the foredeck.

Its hull is shaped to reduce ice pressure by deflecting it downwards, much like the Arctic drilling rig Kulluk, a bowl-shaped floating platform designed to ride up over encroaching ice.

It has been a while since a new Swan came to Australia, so Phil Ross checks out how it stacks up.

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