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In July alone there were two confirmed hoax calls and three confirmed laser strikes to boat crews training or actively involved in a search.

World Sailing’s Annual Conference comprises a number of Commission, Sub-committee, Committee and Council meetings.

MSQ is now looking at the incidents that lead to a vessel ending up in a derelict state.

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MAX is handy when racing, as well as with training sessions, allowing both to be measured and analysed with precision.

A new paper analyses how a $7500 3D portable whole-body scanner can identify sporting talent for particular codes and monitor body changes in athletes to ensure they are performing at their peak.

The sight of 150 boats crowding the start and then heading south in their divisions towards the first mark amongst the intermittent showers was the most spectacular sight seen in Bramble Bay for years.

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Mr Loro Piana is suing the British logistics company, Peters & May, but they say that the accident was caused by the yacht’s cradle, which is owned and provided by the yacht.

Lee Condell and Rohan Veal, from the Australian Marine Network, are offering the Aventura 37 for an competitive price of $595,000 base price landed in Australia or alternatively Euro pricing for Euro delivery is also available.

This completely new-from-the-ground-up 45ft catamaran carries a huge array of advancements in design, technology and craftsmanship, while also retaining the most crucial Seawind DNA.

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