Sperry's latest boat shoe comes with an excellent pedigree and research, Phil Ross takes them for a test run.

If you want to stay connected satphones may be a good choice, Diane Selkirk explains why they chose the Iridium Go

The new software enables sailors to enter a normal route and then receive a number of suggested optimum routes based on different weather models, times and days.

Australian Sailing speaks to Alistair Murray about the company and his involvement since retiring.

We talk to David Oliver about the brand and the exciting new things to come this year.

Scare birds, set as an anchor alarm, track your dinghy if it is "borrowed" from the beach - the modular unit allows customisation to your needs.

The acquisition of North Sails Australia is the latest in an effort to centralize the global business.

A detailed route is calculated taking into consideration chart data, navigation aids, water depth and more.

This sail brings big boat performance to small boat fleet racing.

Exceptional laminate bonding with a minimum of adhesives is the key to a lighter but higher-performance racing sail.

The NPC Tour range uses Aramid yarn sandwiched between white Polyester taffeta-protected layers.

For the first time, sailors can enjoy the benefits of low-stretch radial performance in a non-laminated sail.

These all-purpose sails are especially suitable for coastal cruising as well as club racing.

The deal includes provision of gear to state-based youth programs.

If you already have a wired masthead anemometer, the Miniserver has a wiring terminal and can connect your wired network to mobile apps and the cloud.