A detailed route is calculated taking into consideration chart data, navigation aids, water depth and more.

This sail brings big boat performance to small boat fleet racing.

Exceptional laminate bonding with a minimum of adhesives is the key to a lighter but higher-performance racing sail.

The NPC Tour range uses Aramid yarn sandwiched between white Polyester taffeta-protected layers.

For the first time, sailors can enjoy the benefits of low-stretch radial performance in a non-laminated sail.

These all-purpose sails are especially suitable for coastal cruising as well as club racing.

The deal includes provision of gear to state-based youth programs.

If you already have a wired masthead anemometer, the Miniserver has a wiring terminal and can connect your wired network to mobile apps and the cloud.

The low power consumption of B&G systems such as Broadband 4G radar will help her to make the most efficient use of her battery reserves possible.

A combination of touch screen and rotary dial allows operation in even the worst conditions.

The large touchscreen chartplotter is aimed at coastal cruising and club racing sailboats.

The location of the victim is faster and more accurate due to the immediate and constant signal emitted.

The Bureau is encouraging users to provide feedback and suggestions to improve the app, so new features can be added in future upgrades.

John Bourke battles the forepeak and the vagaries of electrics.

Bravo Sails owners Luke and Anne Burrow will have access to OneSails patented technology and products.