The highlight of the presentation showcased fabrication methods on a recently completed project using G/flex 650 and WEST SYSTEM for extensively bonding stainless steel to aluminium on the 276 ft (84m) super yacht trimaran White Rabbit.

LightHouse Bermuda comes with 60 new sets of Polar Performance Data for popular sailing and cruising hulls, bringing LightHouse 3’s onboard library of polar data to over 260 models.

David has competed at the international level in the Laser Masters class, as well as winning the America’s Cup in 1995 with Team New Zealand.

Two externally accessible pockets isolate wet garments or equipment, and lockable zippers and compression straps complete the picture.

Lancelin manufactures high-tech ropes for different sectors such as marine, industry, technology and has gained an avant-garde renown in its field since its creation in 1907.

The new owners say they have ‘real people’ available at the end of a telephone line to assist with any queries about the products and how to use them properly.

This soft, high stretch and durable fabric is made from PET yarns constructed entirely from recycled and reclaimed PET plastics (often used for food and drink containers).

Inmarsat has introduced a range of Fleet One leisure plans, providing recreational sailors with the reassurance of a consistent, simultaneous voice and data connection that enables them to stay in touch with family and friends, use email and social media, and access applications to assist with navigation.

With a full range of marine diesel engines to suit both sail and power, and a diesel generator range that is delivered assembled and ready for installation, Nanni has the power to suit you.

The buoys are incredibly strong, and can absorb impact, as well as being much softer than plastic.

VHF Data Exchange System, or VDES, will incorporate AIS plus several valuable new functions.

An alarm on your mobile device sounds when the user-worn tags break the "virtual tether" and GPS co-ordinates of the incident are recorded on the phone or tablet.

Nicknamed “The Pope” by his peers, Lowell began his sailmaking career at the age of 14 when his father purchased a Star with cotton sails.

The higher initial investment is more than offset by the many advantages the Lithium Ion battery delivers in comparison to the lead-acid battery.

For nasty waterline scum, the Waterline Brush has soft cleaning fins on one side and a replaceable scouring pad on the other. Both snap onto the telescoping handle and fit the angled tube.