No it is not anything to do with the National Party, writes Ashleigh Douglas.

Andrew Norton shows why this outboard is a favourite amongst cruisers.

It may look the boat of your dreams but Petrea McCarthy shows how to take a closer look.

World ARC has starts from Saint Lucia (January) and Australia (September) each year, with a multi-national fleet sailing the world's oceans and achieving the dream in company.

Cruising with others may not suit some but Arne Radovich shows it provides a good introduction.

In the first quarter of 2019, IMB reported 38 incidents of piracy and armed robbery at sea, representing 28 fewer incidents than the first quarter of 2018 (66).

Bypassing the ship's oily water separator to dump bilge waste is an illegal but relatively common practice.

Night vision is important, John Tylor shows how to wire up a simple protection switch.

GPS is a three-part system: satellites, ground stations, and receivers.

Big is not always better as Dave Derrick discovers with his family on a trailer sailer.

Almost 10,000 instances of spoofing have been detected over the course of two years, impacting over 1,300 unique vessels. There is speculation the interference with GPS is controlled by the Russian government to protect Vladimir Putin and other VIPs.

The Tribunal found that killing sharks does not reduce the risk of unprovoked shark interactions.

The 105ft aluminum ketch Apache takes part in all 13 legs of the World ARC Rally and up to eight guests per leg can join the expert resident crew.

Getting to the top does not require hard work and determination, Bruce Nicholson explains it depends on what you mean by top.