The 33-year-old Lisa Blair became the first woman to circumnavigate Australia solo, non-stop and unassisted and also the first person to do the journey non-stop and unassisted in a monohull.

Although he fell over when leaving the bar, he was helped into a dinghy, which was started for him, and he then left the marina.

Crossing the GAB does not have to be so daunting, Andrew Bray does a westward journey of many stops.

The search is on for 10 people to sail across the Atlantic Ocean using just the Sun to navigate.

"I was off like a rocket, screaming along at 14-15 knots and chasing the waves down so that I would sit with the one wave for miles."

When Francis Talon called into Dunedin for hull repairs, Navy the cat was confined to a cage owing to NZ's strict biosecurity laws.

A night of binge TV watching "wasn't her best plan" but the winds to carry her home have finally arrived.

It is the final push for Cathy Hawkins and crew, but the surprises keep coming.

"There is a rather nasty Low-pressure system passing below me and I am hoping that after that I can have a good run to Tasmania following the wind and swell."

The crew of the 55ft Beneteau Oceanis had departed Annapolis, Maryland, on Saturday and were headed to Miami to deliver the boat when they encountered heavy wind and seas.

Buying and selling a yacht in Asia can be worthwhile but Sue Woods warns there are some things you should know.

The 33rd edition of the ARC got underway in perfect cruising rally conditions.

With the wind holding at SSW, Lisa was able to make some good progress south overnight.

"I have about a 1000 nm until I round the point at Albany and start heading into the Southern Ocean and the whole of that distance will be upwind."

A week today, from 12:30 on Sunday 25 November, the fleet will begin their ocean adventure and say farewell to Gran Canaria but before then, there is a packed programme of events for the days ahead.