The sailboat crossed in front of the bow of a 550-foot tank ship. The top of the mast was the only visible portion of the sailboat when the tank ship was required to take action to avoid collision.

It is in the worst of times that the fellowship of cruisers shines the brightest.

What happens if you don’t have a home, in the conventional sense? And what if there’s no way to get to your own country without the risk of significant environmental damage and/or putting yourself in terrible personal danger?

In contrast to some of the land-based behaviour, boat owners generally seemed to be obeying social distancing rules.

The 59-year-old man set sail from Singapore three months ago on a three-year boat expedition but was stranded at sea, with supplies running low, when every country in the world closed their borders.

Helicopters and rescue boats have been launched on multiple unresolved distress calls in the last several weeks, costing more than $US1.4 million of taxpayer money.

The vessel was left adrift with navigation lights on and the Automatic Identification System activated so the vessel will be able to be tracked for any future recovery operations.

For those looking to isolate in the Atlantic, you need to take note.

A sailing vessel crew stated via VHF-Channel 16 that a crew member had gone overboard and was not wearing a life jacket.

In an open letter to Canada's maritime community, Canadian Coast Guard assistant commissioner Roger Girouard appealed to mariners' longstanding tradition of assisting others and saving lives at sea.

“Cruisers around the world are really struggling to either get out of a hurricane zone, get to someplace they can be protected, or get home."

MSQ has 10 current Enforcement Order proceedings ongoing and two prosecution matters being progressed from the War on Wrecks.

Pirates are operating further offshore and are using sophisticated computer systems to identify targets.

The Ball family has been stuck in the Maldives for more than a month, they have been confined to their catamaran, they rely on an agent and coastguard to deliver supplies and are allowed to venture only a few metres from their boat.

Bob Dunn of the SV Venom has created a new, free quiz that sailors can take from the security of their armchairs.

There has been much debate about the COLREGS over the last 12 months or so, with many suggesting that it is now time for not just some amendments but a total revision of the Rules.