When Suzan Muir dreams of crocodiles she was not actually looking to make the dream a reality.

Hundreds of shipping containers are lost every year but the persistent belief is that they number in the thousands.

The beauty of cruising is the opportunity for Catherine Lawler and crew to take a chance on a welcome diversion.

Maritime New Zealand's detailed investigation report said the yacht's surviving crew "did not effectively employ all of the equipment available to them".

The yacht, which was travelling from Tasmania to Queensland, hit North Beach, Mylestone, at 1.30 am.

It is easy to be the first responder when you are the one to cause the accident.

The Coast Guard Cutter Barracuda crew found the sailing vessel Kelaerin on Sunday while on routine patrol near Fort Bragg, more than 440 miles south-southeast of its position on June 16.

Oceans are mind-boggingly big and keeping moving under sail is a good move in many respects.

The mad rush towards digital navigation needs to be curtailed with prudence writes Rick Page.

Continuing the quest for comfortable ways to anchor, Jon Neeves turns snubbing on its head.

Dr Andrew Brazier battled with a dislocated shoulder and several harsh ocean storms on his solo expedition.

One couple grab the opportunity to relive special memories aboard a special yacht.

Currently, boats up to 35 feet in length entering the Bahamas are required to pay an entry fee of $150, while for boats over 35 feet the fee is $300.

Many people buy yachts in Europe and sail them home. Venessa Haynes suggests why not start at the halfway point where it is more fun.

Part two of a four parter where a young couple take a trailer sailer down the WA north coast.