Jon will be sailing his 11th circumnavigation to measure the amount of microplastics in the Southern Hemisphere oceans.

Respected sailor and circumnavigator Stu Pederson lost his life when the 47ft yacht sank in rough conditions off Cape Brett.

Cocos Keeling: out of the way and out of this world.

The WYR draws on their expertise at the top level of ocean sailing, utilising their experience and their networks to create the ultimate cruising adventure for yacht owners

This solo journey will have taken him around the Antarctic through the Southern Ocean, then up the coast of the Americas and through the Northwest Passage to return to San Francisco.

Hurricanes are powerhouse weather events that suck heat from tropical waters to fuel their fury.

For boaters, is there anything better than being on the open water with the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your face? What about sharing your passion with your four-legged best friend?

Are we doomed to have a plastics-bloated albatross hanging around our necks? Pat Neve discusses.

Danger always lurks, Bruce Nicholson shows it pays to always be alert.

Dungeness RNLI lifeboat and the HM Coastguard search and rescue helicopter from Lydd were sent and the man was rescued from the water by the crew just before 3.50am.

Cabin top handrails need to do two things: be strong and look good; here is how to do both.

Take care in the lead-up time to leaving shore as over-shopping can increase both water, and waist, lines.

Not quite the subject of a Beach Boys song but Kia Koropp reckons it could easily do.

All aged from 18 to 30, the voyage across the Atlantic Ocean will be an incredible adventure for the young participants, and one that they will all remember for the rest of their lives.

NEREIDA had severe mainsail damage in the Cape Horn area which took a long time to repair, suffered a knockdown SW of New Zealand after which she had to enter Timaru Bay in NZ to make repairs, and later lost her headsail in the North Pacific.