Almost 10,000 instances of spoofing have been detected over the course of two years, impacting over 1,300 unique vessels. There is speculation the interference with GPS is controlled by the Russian government to protect Vladimir Putin and other VIPs.

The Tribunal found that killing sharks does not reduce the risk of unprovoked shark interactions.

The 105ft aluminum ketch Apache takes part in all 13 legs of the World ARC Rally and up to eight guests per leg can join the expert resident crew.

Getting to the top does not require hard work and determination, Bruce Nicholson explains it depends on what you mean by top.

Suspicious activity noted in favourite Thai cruising grounds.

The Australian Government has approved a license to allow Offshore Energy Pty Ltd (OEPL) to undertake resource exploration for an offshore wind farm about eight to 13 kilometers off the Gippsland coast in Victoria.

The 18 metre, 32 tonne ketch has been found on the rocks at Lake Gillear.

In honor of this event, plans are underway for the round-the-world sailing of the tall ships Pallada, Sedov and Krusenstern in 2019-2020.

Known to sailors around the world, the trade winds and associated ocean currents helped early sailing ships from European and African ports make their journeys to the Americas.

Rogue waves are more prevalent and of greater severity in the winter months and are happening with increasing frequency within calmer background seas.

So far, 111 wrecks have been removed and the government has plans in place to remove 77 more, while owners have removed another 42.

The distance may not be great but the crossing can be fraught, Bruce Nicholson says the destination is worth it.

Winners are grinners with free dinners.

Amongst the worst disasters to strike a yacht, but sometimes the crew can end up worse off than the yacht.

Murke's quick thinking saw him transform his jeans into a life-saving buoyancy aide; using a technique employed by Navy Seals.