Sailors are resourceful as conditions demand, Ian Johnstone's crew had one such adventure.

A recent AMSA inspection campaign focusing on fire prevention on passenger vessels revealed 829 instances of poor fire-system maintenance across 326 vessels.

The boat, which had then anchored, was towed by the lifeboat to Gins Farm on Beaulieu River.

Non Queensland residents who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot within the last 14 days will no longer be able to quarantine in Queensland and will be turned around at the border, except for people needed in Queensland for essential purposes.

The 80-year-old sailing legend is sailing due south of Panama into the Pacific Ocean, having passed the midway milestone of his journey to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

COLREGs apply to all vessels, regardless of their size or nature of operation, in all navigable waters, from inland waters to the high seas.

Baltic Yachts is close to launching its 142ft foiling cruising superyacht. Is it the future?

Chasing a dream can sometimes make us push the boundaries of common sense, sometimes that chase can be dangerous says David Carey.

Del and Craig McEwan sent out a distress call on Monday from their Australian-registered catamaran, Ohana-Uli, west of the Seychelles.

Frans Huber's approach to clogged poo management. Warning, there is explicit language as you would expect.

Ten things Erin and David would not do a crossing without.

On arrival home, he wasn't required to self-quarantine, which was one of his family's biggest fears.

Micturition syncope is the medical term for a dizzy or fainting spell when urinating. The bout of fainting can last for up to a minute and explains why so many men are involved in accidents in the calm waters of a harbour or an anchorage at night.

With all the stuff available in production boats nowadays, John Simpson looks back at simpler sailing.

WSC reports that the three-year moving average is declining, halved to an average annual loss of 779 containers lost overboard between 2017 and 2019.

Sailing the ‘Wonderful sail 2 Indonesia rally’ went well for Anna Ash and partner, until reaching land.