How one man went from landlubber to old salt in five easy steps.

A global pandemic and some of the worst ocean conditions experienced in decades have not stopped the world renowned Australian yachtsman from reaching home soil on his record 11th solo circumnavigation of the world.

South Africa’s borders are open, but if the confusion over the arrival of international yachts is anything to go by, travellers are still regarded with suspicion.

A good galley is the engine room of any vessel, but is a cook only as good as his tools?

With the thoroughness of a lawyer, this couple detail their circumnavigation costs.

Barbara Genda, Harry Jarman and their two children were sailing the world when tragedy struck in Tahiti, with the death of 14 year-old Eddie in August.

The International Maritime Bureau highlighted a dramatic increase of activity off West Africa while saying incidents in other areas, including the Indonesian archipelago and off Somalia, were down or remained under control.

On September 16, Glenn Wakefield suffered a massive stroke approximately 500 nautical miles west of San Francisco, while on his third attempt to circumnavigate solo.

The full and ongoing story by Jon Neeves and partner to develop and test the ultimate bridle for their catamaran.

The majority will spend 14 days or more at sea and as such have zero contact with anyone other than those aboard the vessel. The COVID19 infection risk profile of those aboard these vessels is surely negligible.

Yes, the Straits are a hive of activity, but Bruce and Deb show there are still plenty of hide-aways to enjoy.

Despite being denied permission to enter the country, the trio’s yacht, Anita, arrived in Opua on Friday afternoon. Immigration officials are now arranging for the three people to be flown home.

According to the US Maritime Advisory, the interference is resulting in lost or inaccurate GPS signals affecting bridge navigation, GPS-based timing, and communications equipment. Satellite communications equipment may also be impacted.

Lord Howe is a stunning destination but Mo Fitzpatrick finds it is also prone to awesome storms.

After last ditch effort letters to both Prime Ministers, the Ocean Cruising Club received formal rejections by both Australia and New Zealand to allow yachts currently in the Pacific to come to these countries for shelter.

AMSA made contact with the vessel which reported being caught in severe weather and in need of assistance.