Haulouts can be different all around the world, Anthony Gates discusses the basics you can use to prepare for wherever you roam?

Both dangerous and exhilirating, Rob Weatherburn lists the active Mediterranean.

Going sailing is a dream life, but John Champion warns of the realities of caveat emptor and supply and demand.

The voyage began Saturday morning when the four mariners set off from Ala Wai Harbor, Oahu, en route to Lahaina, Maui, to sell the sailboat. The vessel was operated under sail power only and did not have a working engine.

Over one hundred years old, Jo Hutchinson takes a look at this vital and intriguing link.

All of the sailing vessel's sails were ripped, the engine was inoperable and the electronics all failed except for his EPIRB, which he activated in distress.

Mariners are advised that both the rear lead light in the Mooloolah River and the front lead light have been permanently extinguished.

A 56-year-old man was airlifted after his boat hit rocks, while two others were airlifted from a yacht that ran aground.

Just around midnight on Friday 22 May, the UK coastguard at Holyhead received a 999 mobile phone call from a yacht with two people on board, stating they had electrical failure and required assistance.

Designed to help sailors and boaters take their weather education to the next level, MWU features sixteen individual classes, plus basic-level and advanced programs.

The OCC and other organisations are actively lobbying South Pacific governments to allow cruisers to leave the cyclone zone and seek refuge in a safe port.

On 8 May, MSQ issued advice retracting permission related to overnight charters, after employees had been brought back to work and thousands of dollars worth of bookings had been taken.

The South African man and German woman had sailed the ‘Berzanne’ from Croatia to the Azores under a French flag. On the return trip they stopped at Motril and Cartagena but got into difficulties near the Balearic Islands.

The sailboat crossed in front of the bow of a 550-foot tank ship. The top of the mast was the only visible portion of the sailboat when the tank ship was required to take action to avoid collision.

It is in the worst of times that the fellowship of cruisers shines the brightest.

What happens if you don’t have a home, in the conventional sense? And what if there’s no way to get to your own country without the risk of significant environmental damage and/or putting yourself in terrible personal danger?