Finally fed up with ages old teak deck, John Tylor stripped it back and rejuvenated the fibreglass.

"Happy hour the beer is $2 a stubby. Whilst the Americans drink "Pain Killers" (out of large martini glasses). Must be good for you! They put salt in it."

Two crossovers in the southern part of the passage have become a problem for deep draft yachts, with six running aground in the past two weeks.

Despite very generous support from her insurers and underwriters, Lisa is still short of the money needed to replace the rig and all that was lost with it.

Not many found in Australia but Carmen Riordan delights in her multihull.

Do you have what they need? Be a part of something boldly positive.

"I do have paper charts. I bought the bulk of them in 1974! Like me, - very up to date with everything. (Still got my sextant on board). So I don't care if the satellites crash anyway."

How do you make the move from dreamer to beamer? Long time liveaboard Brett starts the process.

Variously described as paradise, a haven or even a saviour the Queenscliff Yacht Club is worth a visit

For first time cruisers unsure of ability, Christine Danger shows how you can easily and safely cruise the southern tip of GBR.

It has been a while since he checked in, let Jon Sanders explain in his own inimitable style.

It happens so slowly sometimes you don't notice it until someone mentions it, get your windows back to normal.

Post-Debbie we look back at one couple's encounter with TC Winston and the devastation it wrought on Fiji.

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Captain's Deck goes west and presents an info-rich day at the Fremantle Sailing Club