"It was rather difficult just getting out of the hatch as the boat was leaning over so much. I managed to scramble on to the deck and set about heaving too in the dark with only my head torch to guide me."

The Trans Atlantic rally is open to sailors following a route between Lanzarote (Canaries) and Marie-Galante (Islands of Guadeloupe).

Lisa proves once again that the maxim "better out than in" still holds good.

Jon has filed two blogs about his exit from Panama and his arrival in the Galapagos Islands.

The Australian adventurer is returning to the point where her mast came down, intending to finish her circumnavigation of Antarctica.

A succession of strong Atlantic lows barrelling into the Western Approaches have kept the boats securely docked in port waiting on a better forecast.

The captain was reportedly extremely tired and sea sick and the first mate did not feel experienced enough to operate the vessel.

Seabbatical summits promise to show you how you can monetise your yacht ownership.

In her inimitable style Petrea McCarthy lists the top things most newbies don't know.

One mile from the locks, under the advice of the advisor the linesmen tied the three yachts together. As one.

The Canadian couple, along with their dog and cat, had been sailing for several days, were exhausted from fatigue and sea sickness, and could not continue.

Checking out Vanuatu two years after Cyclone Pam, Chiara Bussini wonders how it has recovered.

The FBI is investigating the woman's disappearance and has questioned a man who is "a joint British/Australian citizen with an enigmatic past".

Chartering is a great way to see if the cruising life is for you. Gordon Hinds gives his view.

Even experienced old salts like Michael Lugowski can get misty eyed and impatient. Not a good mix.