A rogue wave entered the cabin - and Lisa's sleeping bag.

"I raced toward shore and there was my boat fully engulfed in surf and being pounded onto shore with the cockpit full of water, sand and seaweed."

Port Jackson has that wonderful ability to put you close to the heart of the city but miles from care.

Buying Pounds Stirling for St Helena was a major drama.

"With so much debris in the ocean just drifting around it could have been anything…….and will now remain a mystery."

"60 Knots roughly works out to be 100km winds, that is about the time that people start to lose parts of their houses."

Lack of sleep is causing headaches and bashing to windward in 30 knots of wind doesn't help.

Not many people realise just how far upriver you can go in a keelboat on the Clarenc. Anthony Little shows you how.

Lisa has passed her second Cape (New Zealand) but is disappointed that she had to run the engine to charge the batteries.

The 56-year-old abandoned his 27ft yacht when the mast broke and a hole in the hull caused it to sink.

Kevin Curran, an experienced American cruiser, says using Cetol instead of varnish gives him more time to go sailing.

Yacht tenders are expensive, if you do not worry about looks then this RIB makeover is for you

"I couldn’t see much in the way of a large wave until after about five minutes this monster reared up behind me."

After starting the iconic race the CYC then lives up to its name and cruises to Hobart.

Captain Cook thought it affected compasses, Chiari Bussini found it affected much more