The pair - who had left the vessel and were sheltering at the base of the cliffs - were winched to safety by the helicopter crew.

It is still possible for boats to join the World ARC fleet in Australia in late August 2018 for the Indian Ocean crossing to South Africa, and onwards to the Caribbean.

Jon had already reached his home port of Fremantle but had to sail the 500nm to Carnarvon, his departure port, to officially complete the circumnavigation.

What is going on in Eden? Is the proposed development under dark clouds?

The first ARC+ boats were led into Saint Lucia by Sparkman & Stevens Sloop Altair on 26th November and steadily sixty-six boats in the fleet have joined them in the time before the prize giving ceremony.

The company’s famous Prawn and Punch Beach Party was an outstanding success and set the tone for an evening of ‘boat crawling’ as participants visited each others’ vessels for drinks and nibbles under a canopy of stars.

A 74-year-old is missing after he fell from the yacht and his wife did not know how to turn it around to look for him.

Beauty Point clubhouse is typical country anywhere in Australia. Neat, clean, spacious, simple. Right structure in the right place. Big Marina. Plenty car parking.

A full day of learning available from Riley and Elayna at RQYS.

The then 18-year-old had just learnt to sail but maybe physics wasn't the only thing on the mind of the budding genius when he regularly ventured out onto the Alpine lakes of Switzerland.

The 66-year-old was sailing on New Zealand's largest man-made lake. His body has since been discovered.

It was a triple whammy for the skipper of the appropriately named Stormy Weather, with mast, boom and propeller all lost.

A notice to mariners updates anyone wishing to enter the Mooloolah River to get to Mooloolaba.

A Norwegian man was rescued after a storm damaged his yacht, while a Kiwi man was picked up after his yacht sank east of Norfolk Island.

When the boat rendezvoused with the RFA Argus, the crew passed over jerrycans filled with fuel so the yacht could reach Brest in France for emergency repairs.