Watchstanders at Sector San Juan received a mayday radio call from the Blue Cocktail, on VHF Channel 16, reporting the vessel was taking on water and rapidly sinking.

Getting a cover on a dinghy in the water can be precarious but Roger Hughes found an inexpensive and ingenious method.

The ARC+ fleet has experienced good trade wind conditions since leaving Mindelo in Cape Verde, with the final run towards Saint Lucia seeing perfect easterly breezes of 15-18kts.

If you alter your yacht enough does it lose its soul? Only by taking it sailing will Gary Pick answer that question.

Sometimes it is the difficult voyages that provide the memories to savour as Heather Francis finds out.

Following years of planning, months of preparations, and days of final checks, crews were eager to start their 2,700nm sail to the Caribbean

Malaysian officials were alerted by the UK after Australia picked up the SOS.

With the assistance of plans provided by the sailing yacht's manufacturer, the research vessel's crew fabricated a component that resolved the flooding issue.

There may be no such thing as paradise, Anne Wilson reckons the trick is to make of it what you can.

Coastguard helicopter Rescue 924 located a liferaft 23 miles NNW off of the Isle of Scilly and rescued the crew members of the yacht.

The U.S. Coast Guard and two AMVER vessels helped a 78-year-old man aboard a homemade sailing vessel at multiple points during a five-month journey across the Pacific Ocean.

Over the next five years, NOAA says that it plans to transition to electronic chart (ENC) products with a focus on improving data consistency and providing larger scale ENC coverage.

The ARC fleet will set off this year with 190 entries from 35 different countries and is truly a multinational celebration which showcases the international flavour of the rally.

Over the past five years the Down Under Rally has assisted more than 100 vessels and crews prepare for and successfully make their first ocean crossing.

“Why should I sit around at home when I could be out, sailing?”