"A few day ago, 12 August, I turned 78. Blimey, doesn't feel like it. I am only just starting. Wouldn't want to kark it yet, otherwise one would never know what Donald Trump will say next."

When a lass takes the wind out of your sails, it is time to get a windlass, so says John Tylor

Time is running out to get to Fiji for the Musket Cove Regatta.

The crewless craft was first spotted two weeks earlier but couldn't be found by a tug boat.

"It bothers me not what the correct system is. (World political situation) as long as they sell eggs and still speak the French language."

The boat, a sloop named “Valiant,” had been buffeted by winds of 50 mph and rolled over in 20-foot seas, smashing the mast and rigging and dumping the men in the water.

Taking an aptly named trailer sailer down the Murray River is just the start for Peter and Sylvia Talbot.

Ocean cruising experts will share practical preparation advice for an offshore passage from ARC sailors and cruising rally experts.

"We got out of the boat to get the dog and two big waves hit the yacht and pretty much sank it."

"As it now appeared that I wasn’t going to arrive at my eta but in fact, I was going to be late to my own party I decided to finally have that bucket bath that I so needed before I could get close to another human."

Memories are important so Antony Baxter gives his top tips to make sure your sailing snaps shine.

Lisa arrived in Albany after dark, but was met by a large crowd of well-wishers.

"If the yacht changes course, it changes motion - normally wakes me. So what woke me? I needed a pee. Sorry, but you get that."

The South Pacific patch may be as big as a million square miles, 1.5 times the size of Texas.

An update on the story of the woman who "vanished" from a catamaran off the coast of Florida.