Alan Lucas looks at why a boat sinks for no apparent reason.

Rallies will take place in Thailand, Moreton Bay and Pittwater.

Using the KISS principle Bruce Nicholson lays out how they reduced the drain on their yacht's power resources.

SICYC is a not for profit incorporated association which has raised over $400,000 for Prostate Cancer Awareness and Research over the past 6 years - while having a lot of fun.

The yacht was located over 1300 kilometres southwest of Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia on a journey from South Africa to New Zealand. It had been dismasted.

"By going North, I will be sailing a greater distance due to the curvature of the earth, but I will have a lot less issues with the cold. "

You may not go racing but, Kim Klaka points out, a dirty hull can significantly slow your cruise and cost you money.

Lisa is climbing to the north-east to shelter from a storm that is about to hit her.

From Gladstone to the Keppels, Anne Wilson highlights a perfect cruising ground

"I need to not only navigate around Islands and reefs but also ensure that I don’t become close acquaintances with the container ships or fishing vessels operating off the coast of Chile."

"He managed to swim out from under her and just as he was pulling himself up on the skeg to attempt another righting, another blast came through and tore him away from the boat."

When your home becomes a fish out of water, Sue Woods explains there is no need for you to stress.

NSW Police Force vessel Nemesis travelled through the night in treacherous conditions to successfully rescue the two crew who were shaken up but unharmed.

Interested in the Whitsundays? Then make sure your voice is heard.

The aged and occasionally jury-rigged boat was essentially Timothy Wilkinson’s only worldly possession.