Zulu Waterway – the Alpha cruising guide for Australia

Zulu Waterways is an Australian made online cruising guide, written by sailors for sailors. With a focus on anchorage information, it covers a range of essentials such as navigation advice and marina details, to everyday things like taps, bins and laundromat locations.


Instead of being displayed in printed or pdf format, the information is displayed on a google satellite map on an easy-to-use interface via the free website or apps. So instead of sifting through pages of information to find what you are looking for, simply go to the map, zoom in on an area and the information is there in its exact location.


With some notable sailors and sailing clubs getting involved, such as Jack and Jude Binder and the cruising section of the Fremantle Sailing Club, the site already contains a wealth of information. And unlike printed guides, Zulu Waterways benefits from having community sourced input to supplement this official information. This community data can be added by any sailor and is instantly uploaded to the site. Doing so is easy, and is encouraged by the developers. Just find the place on the map, click the location twice and follow the prompts. This community input has resulted in great information added all around Australia by both local and traveling sailors. We all know the value of local knowledge when exploring an unknown destination, and Zulu Waterways makes sharing this information simple.


There are many other useful functions on Zulu Waterways such as, sharing icon information to Facebook, following other sailors and having your own profile page to record your travels. You can even add you current location to the map which is viewable by others. This provides a simple way for friends and family to follow your sailing adventures.


So, if you are planning a trip or have local knowledge to share, get on board and take a look. Maybe even add an icon or two. You might just save a few sailors the fate of past boats in your local waterway from running aground on that spot, or dragging in that anchorage. It’s this community spirit that will shape the future of this resource and so far, it’s looking very promising.


It’s available at zuluwaterways.com, or download the iOS or Android app. It’s free to use in its entirely, and the developers are determined to keep it that way.



-Lauren and Niki, the developers, are a cruising couple who have just had their first baby. They live aboard ‘Peace and Plenty’ a Hobart built 36ft steel, Herreshoff Nereia. They are currently sailing up the East coast of Australia.



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