Western Australian Cruising Guide v5.3 now available

The Western Australian Cruising Guide is regarded as the coastal cruising bible for WA, covering the coast from Darwin to Eucla, including the Christmas and Cocos Islands. This book is a definite must-have, especially for cruising the Kimberley, with over 600 pages, 220 chartlets and many interesting colour photos. This latest edition is version 5.3, published in March 2021.  It contains more than 100 changes and updates since version 5.2 was issued in January 2019. To download your free copy of this invaluable resource go to:

If you have difficulty downloading the ePub version, use this link instead: 


Some of you might also be interested in downloading a copy of the e-book:

  “Sailing Yacht Design: a guide for boat owners, crew and buyers”. 

If you want to understand what makes a sailing yacht perform the way it does, but are sometimes baffled by the science, this is the book for you. It is available for purchase at all good on-line bookstores, or  from:


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