Waterhouse/Goodall Australian Formula 18 Catamaran Champions 2015

From 23-26 January 2015 the Australian Formula 18 Nationals were held at the Humpybong Yacht Club (Woody Point – Queensland). This regatta was all about consistency, there were a number of sailors that had the potential to win races. Skippers Brad Collet (the current Australian A-class champion), Lachlan Gibson, Brett Burvill and Jason Waterhouse all challenged for the top spot. It wasn’t until mid day 2 when the regatta turned into a two boat race between Jason Waterhouse/Brett Goodall and Brett Burvill/Ryan Duffield. After 12 exciting races Waterhouse/Goodall were crowned as the new Australian Formula 18 Catamaran Champions for 2015.

The sailors had good weather conditions during the whole regatta, except for the first day. The wind conditions would have been fine, but due to poor visibility and risk of lighting in the area the boats were sent in for safety.  Brett Goodall: “It was a really nice regatta! Jason and I’ve been battling with Brett/Ryan whole week and they seemed to be going fast and in the right direction all the time. Even when we did try to put them back in the fleet on the last day, they managed to sail clear round the top mark in the top few boats. They are a great team and we really enjoyed dueling it out with them.”

It’s the 3rd time, for both Jason and Brett, that they won this title twice together, once Brett with his father Greg and Jason once with Josh McKnight. But, it has been a while since Jason Waterhouse and Brett Goodall sailed together. Jason helmed an Formula 18 for the last time about two years ago (Formula 18 Worlds 2013 in Italy), Brett Goodall hasn’t competitively crewed nor sailed an Formula 18 since the Worlds 2014 in Ireland. “It was great to be on the boat together again and we really had good fun. But because it’s been a while, we both had a few cobwebs to blow out.”

Most amazing was the points for 3rd, 4th and 5th, one points between each place and only 3 between 1st and 2nd.

Top 5

1.   Waterhouse/Goodall (16 points)
2.  Burvill/Duffield (19 points)
3.  Collett/Leitner (48 points)
4.  Brewin/Brewin (49 points)
5.  Gibson/Raymond (50 points)

– Jasper van Staveren

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