Update on beached yacht in Phuket – now a write-off

We have received an update on the beached yacht in Phuket from Bob Mott of Charter Catamarans. The original story is attached (see Related Content) but in a nutshell two Australians paid a deposit on the yacht, took it for a test sail and put it onto the beach.

Attempts by locals to refloat the yacht have failed and Bob now reports: “All is in limbo between the owner and the Australians that put a deposit down and then took the boat. Eventually it will have to be broken up. Word is that the authorities will take over if it is not resolved and get the army in to break it up.

“I am amazed it is still in one piece actually. Tough old wooden yacht.”

This and the story of the Catalina beached near Margaret River show how little margin there is for error. But fortunately not all such groundings end in disaster, as two other stories in Related Content show.

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