TackingMaster provides a tactical fingertip control

Successful yacht racing demands a clear overview of the tactical plan and a flexible approach to those tactics as conditions change. The newly released TackingMaster has been tested and developed with some of the best sailors in the world who know the importance of being able to keep track of wind changes on which most tactical decisions are based.

The TackingMaster gives a visual memory of the latest wind trend by storing optimum course to the next mark alongside the wind direction that the starting tactics are based on. It shows all wind shifts relative to the base wind direction that helps adapt tactics on each leg of the race.

Today, with differences between boats becoming finer, winning a race is more than ever about detecting and adapting to wind shifts throughout the race. Boat speed, slick handling and a dash of luck are still vital, but even the fastest boat will not win if it is heading in the wrong direction.

TackingMaster displays wind information alongside your optimum course to the next mark, helping to make quick and accurate decisions as the wind changes. The clear display of wind helps to distinguish between temporary oscillating changes and persistent shifts that show a trend in one direction.

Regardless of expertise level TackingMaster helps to adapt tactics for each leg of the course.

The TackingMaster is suitable for all kinds of racing. Sailing on a lake is quite different from crossing stormy waters but the underlying approach to wind and having a tactical overview is always the same.

TackingMaster has been brought to the market by ID/FX, a Danish company run by Nikolaj Bestle and Thomas Schmidt, both passionate and experienced regatta sailors. Nikolaj states, “Tactical sailing is probably one of the most complex sports. We all think in different ways but the winning tactics in a race are usually fixed. In addition to sailing fast, you must know where to sail. It is well known that there is a luck factor but the winners are those who do it right every time and understand why.”

“With more modern boats and “up and down” courses there is much to be gained by positioning yourself correctly in relation to the wind. With the TackingMaster you can do this ” adds Thomas Schmidt.

ID/FX ApS specialises in the design of innovative products for the international market.

The TackingMaster is available worldwide online via the website for just $75.00.

Visit www.tackingmaster.com for more information and video presentations with instructions.

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