Seal sinks fishing boat in Devon

North Devon Journal.

A Seal managed to bring down a fishing boat last week, an eyewitness has reported.

Thor Gustafsson watched the unbelievable scene take place at Coverack in Cornwall, saying he first thought a man had fallen overboard and was trying to pull himself out of the sea. However the scaffolder quickly realised it was in fact a wayward seal flapping around trying to get in the boat. He immediately noticed the small boat, which was moored to a line of buoys, starting to roll wildly from side to side.

“First I thought it might have been a man in danger, struggling to board the small blue and white boat as it listed to the side,” Mr Gustafsson said. “It was flapping over the side trying to get some fish or something left in the boat. It wasn't long before water started rushing in – and within less than a minute we witnessed the boat sink.”

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Jeanneau JY55
JPK August 2023