Sailboat towed into St George’s Harbour after losing mast

The Royal Gazette. By Owain Johnston-Barnes.

A sailboat was towed into St George’s after losing its mast, boom and propeller in a squall.

A member of the public called Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre at around 1am last Wednesday to report that the 44ft sloop Stormy Weather was in difficulty 147 nautical miles southwest of Bermuda.

The incident report said: “A few minutes later a second call was received from the skipper of Stormy Weather, reporting that vessel had lost its prop, mast and boom in a recent squall.

“There were no reported injuries on-board with intention for crew to cut away bits of broken mast and rig up a temporary structure, allowing [the] vessel to continue sailing towards Bermuda.”

However, a few hours later, BMOC was contacted by the skipper again stating that one crew member was “severely sea sick” and had not eaten or drank fluids within the past day.

“The crew member had taken medication over the last few days with little change in his condition,” the BMOC stated. “BMOC arranged for medical advice via USCG Flight Surgeon with instruction to continue with medication and intake of fluids.

“Gladly, the crew member responded well to on-board treatment as the vessel continued towards Bermuda, managing to sail to position 20 miles southwest of Gibbs Hill Lighthouse.”

After encountering unfavourable winds, the sloop was eventually towed from Argus Bank to St George’s Harbour on Wednesday night. 

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