Russian mother saved after floating out to sea on a lilo for 21 hours

The Daily Mail

By Will Stewart In Moscow for MailOnline

A woman who was lost at sea for 21 hours with nothing but a lilo to cling to has spoken out for the first time since her terrifying ordeal.

Olga Kuldo, 55, a cardiologist, feared she would be killed by a passing yacht after she was swept out to sea by a strong current in the holiday hotspot of Rethymno, Crete.

She had gone for a swim at the beach despite a 'yellow' weather warning flag and without telling her family – who thought she was in the spa.

The terrified tourist revealed she feared shark attack and enormous waves as she was smashed around in the water miles away from land. 

Desperately clinging to the airbed, she suffered hypothermia at night, and was then fried by piercing sun after daybreak.

'I went into the water, lay on my lilo and next moment the waves carried me away from the shore,' said the Russian tourist. 'In no time, I found myself in deep water where I couldn't touch the bottom with my feet.

'I am not a good swimmer, so I just grasped tight to my airbed and thought that soon I would manage to paddle my way to the shore. But instead, the current and the wind carried me further and further away… Then I began to shout and wave but nobody on the shore noticed.'

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