Record registrations for Cannes Yachting Festival

While maintaining its identity and positioning, the year 2019 marks an evolution for the Yachting Festival, which will now revolve around Cannes' two ports: the Vieux Port will continue to welcome the ultimate in motor boats while Port Canto will become the new showcase for the most beautiful sailing boats. The brokerage sector will remain based at Port Canto.

At 110 days from the opening of the Yachting Festival, 529 in-water boats of over 10 metres are confirmed, including 119 sailing boats and 410 motor boats, representing of more than 7% compared to last year. Regarding exhibitors, 8% more than in 2018 have registered to date.

“We still have a few places available at each port. We are also waiting for second-hand boat reservations, which always come later than new boats. Our sales team is finalising the implementation of the around one hundred on-land boats. We are therefore very optimistic about the total number of participating French and international shipyards and the number of associated boats that we will have the pleasure of welcoming this year. The latter should exceed the previous record figure of 2018 by 8%, which will enable buyers and visitors to discover an unparalleled nautical offering in Cannes!” says Sylvie Ernoult, Director of the Yachting Festival.


Following the relocation of the sailing boats to Port Canto, the Vieux Port will primarily be devoted to the motor boating industry with new boats, both monohulls and multihulls, in the water measuring more than 10 metres in length. Equipment manufacturers and service companies primarily engaged in the motorboat sector will be located onshore.

To improve and optimise the visit, a new layout of the Vieux Port will soon be unveiled. This configuration will be more consistent and will make it easier to identify the main categories of boat types and sizes, all while taking into account the port's considerable technical constraints (height and space in front of quays, draughts, accessibility, etc.).

While the Jetée, which will continue to accommodate yachts and, for larger yachts, the Super Yachts Extension, will not undergo any noticeable changes, the situation is somewhat different for the other quays.

Thanks to the installation of new pontoons, the Terrasse Pantiero will accommodate boats of between 14 and 20 metres, creating a link between the yachts at the Jetée and the smaller boats at the Pantiero.

At this location, visitors will be able to discover motor boat yards of scaled sizes, with the smallest of them exhibiting their 10- to 12-metre boats at the end of the Pantiero.

Opposite them will be a new site dedicated to our much-loved RIBs. Enthusiasts will have the pleasure of finding all of these small and medium boats at the heart of the event in this new dedicated space, which will also allow them to take sea trials at their own discretion, free from any technical constraints.

Quai Saint Pierre will welcome motor boats from 12 to 16 metres in length. These units will also be exhibited on the Quai Max Laubeuf alongside the motor catamarans, the largest units of which (15–22 metres) will be situated next to select large yachts being showcased at the end of the quay.

These larger units, exhibited for the first time on this quay, are part of the extension (via the large traversante) of the Jetée and the Super Yachts Extension.

In addition, on-land the Quai Max Laubeuf will accommodate a brand new village devoted to inboard and outboard engines.

The on-land signage for visitors will also be redesigned to take these developments into account and to offer even more simplicity and efficiency to the visitors' circuit.

The Palais will remain the location of elegance with its dinghies at the entrance, as well as its equipment manufacturers and high-end service companies. The Luxury Gallery, situated at the heart of the Palais, will be even larger and will remain the space dedicated to the unique excellence, expertise, craftsmanship and lifestyle of renowned and more exclusive brands. Thanks to the Luxury Gallery, the Yachting Festival confirms its position in the world of non-nautical luxury.


On the occasion of its next edition, the Yachting Festival will be present on three new quays of Port Canto: the Quai d'Honneur, the Quai de la Roseraie and the Quai Ouest, taking over nearly 1,000 additional linear metres to present in-water boats, alongside nearly 4,000 m² for on-land stands. These quays will host the brand new “Sailing Space”, reserved for new monohulls and multihulls sailing boats measuring more than 10 metres.

“The opening of the Sailing Space is fully in line with the history of the Yachting Festival at Port Canto which, up until now, was used as the Brokerage space. Originally discussed and supported by the Fédération des Industries Nautiques, the urgent need to spread the Yachting Festival beyond the Vieux Port resulted in the Sailing Space at Port Canto; in close collaboration with our exhibitors, our suppliers, the Cannes city council, and the Nice – Côte d’Azur Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Now four months away from the opening of the next edition, I am happy to confirm that we will welcome more than 80 exhibitors dedicated to sailing and more than 120 boats presented by the largest registered French and international shipyards. Among them we will welcome 17 new exhibitors. Equipment manufacturers specialising in sailing boats have also come forward and will share the on-land spaces. This commitment is a sign of support for the show and confidence in the initiative we have taken to better showcase the sailing offer,” explains Sylvie Ernoult.

The installation of the in-water boats represents a real technical challenge both above and under water. For the part visible to visitors, some exhibitors have chosen to present their fleet in a hub-style exhibition, using a central pontoon that offers a 360° view of the boats on display. For the submerged part, and in order to secure the boats and ensure their stability, Port Canto's anchorage plan will be reinforced by specially adapted anchorages (mother-daughter chains), which will set up for the duration of the show.

“Based on the experience we have acquired at the Vieux Port and thanks to the close collaboration between our technical team, the Port Canto team and our service provider Locaponton, we have reviewed the entire anchorage plan for the Sailing Space to allow safe installation of the boats, whatever the weather”, reassures Sylvie Ernoult, adding “We will provide the necessary moorings to our exhibitors to help them in their installation. Thanks to its orientation, this part of Port Canto enjoys natural protection in case of any stronger swell. This special exhibition of so many sailing boats should produce a very strong visual effect, unique worldwide, which will delight our visitors when they discover what we are preparing for them!”


Port Canto will continue to host the Brokerage Space, with about fifty boats, dedicated to second-hand boats over 22 metres long available for sale or lease, and the Toys Space, which will bring together the latest innovations in nautical toys.


“Catering is a key element of a good event. We pay particular attention to ensuring the satisfaction of our visitors and exhibitors during their presence at the Yachting Festival. For the opening of the Sailing Space, we are creating a new up-scale restaurant called Restaurant Skipper, which will be the counterpart of the Vieux Port's Panoramic Restaurant. The menu will be sponsored by Dalloyau and Louis Roederer. The terrace will offer a breathtaking view of the masts and hulls of the exhibited sailing boats!

A food truck village will also welcome our visitors, offering them a world tour of flavours in a chic, original and friendly setting.

And just like every year, a catering area will also be available in the Brokerage & Toys area”, explains Sylvie Ernoult


“As we have begun to do two years ago, we will continue to enhance the number and frequency of sea and land links between the two ports. We will also put in place a simplified signage system that will allow visitors to find their way easily and quickly access boarding points both inside and outside of the event. Our goal is to allow visitors and exhibitors to quickly move from one port to another.

In addition, we have received some excellent news: the city of Cannes' technical departments have confirmed suspension of building works being carried out on the Croisette during the event. Circulation on the Croisette will therefore not be affected by the building works”, explains Sylvie Ernoult.

BY SEA – distance to travel: 0.68 nautical miles (i.e. 8 minutes by boat)

Several departure and arrival points are available at each port.

On the Vieux Port side, the sea shuttle stops will be located outside the port so as not to depend on the opening and closing of the traversante.

On the Port Canto side, a stop will serve the Sailing Area and an additional stop will be located at the Brokerage & Toys Space.

Different types of sea shuttles will be available with capacity ranging from 10 to 100 people to allow an even smoother, more flexible service and to ensure a departure every 15 minutes.

“Outside of public opening hours, a sea shuttle service will be available to exhibitors on the two main Vieux Port/Port Canto routes. This service will operate 1.5 hours before the opening and 1.5 hours after the closing of the event to facilitate the work of our exhibitors”, adds Sylvie Ernoult.

ON LAND – distance to travel: 2.5 km

A free-of-charge bus service will be available upon presentation of an event access ticket (e.g. entrance ticket, e-ticket, specific access pass (press, VIP, exhibitors' badge, etc.) with departures every 15 minutes between Vieux Port – with stops at the Croisette and Quai Max Laubeuf entrances – and Port Canto – with a stop at the Sailing Area and the Brokerage & Toys Space.

For exhibitors and visitors travelling by vehicle, several car park, are available at each port.

VIP visitors can use the official car service.

Along the Croisette, it is also possible to walk between the two ports in 25 minutes.

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