Re-fit underway on world’s biggest boom at Hall Spars & Rigging NZ

M5 boom

Wheeling superyacht M5’s boom into the workshop proves there’s no limit to the re-fit service work and technical skill on hand at Hall Spars & Rigging NZ.

The 78m yacht is the largest sloop ever built. At 92ft (28m) long and 6.5ft (2m) wide the boom dwarfs everything else in the workshop.

“It’s exciting for the team to have gear of this size here. Having the experience, facilities, and capacity to work on any rig is key in our philosophy of providing world class customer service for any client,” says Hall Spars & Rigging NZ’s operations manager Dave Ridley. “By having it in the shop we’ve got the best scenario possible with all facilities in place and the tools and personnel on hand to carry out the job efficiently with no travel time.”

With four staff working full time with support from Gurit’s engineers to carry out a full ultrasound on the entire boom, upgrade structural areas and replace the inboard end and gooseneck, the boom will be on the shop floor for about a month in total.

Working on M5’s boom follows on from other re-fit work including rigs on the custom Baltic 78m ‘Lupa of London’ and the Dubois 37m ‘Escapade’.


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