Race Yachts partners with JPK Pacific

JPK Pacific is announcing a full commitment across our range of services with its connection to Innovation Composites and now Race Yachts, offering owners access to unrivalled technical, mechanical and race ready expertise pre and postproduction.

As the exclusive licensee of the JPK brand across the entire Asia / Pacific region, JPK Pacific offers our owners connectivity to our ‘Made in Australia’ infrastructure as the focus in the delivery of our JPK 11.80 IRC racer.

JPK Pacific with its technical and mechanical expertise is on the spot to help owners connect the dots through the pre and post order process with experience and practical knowledge of the 11.80.

A big advantage of being ‘Made in Australia’ is connecting with our production infrastructure, Innovation Composites, in South Nowra. Boat builder Mark Rowed provides owners with detail and regular inspections along the production line process.

Mark said, “The JPK 11.80 is a production yacht however owners have the opportunity to discuss the ‘possible and probable’ outcome of their selected options. The 11.80 has proved itself as the IRC handicap champion in Europe and the UK.”

Completing the connection is the principal of the very successful Race Yachts brokerage and professional yachtsman, Jason Rowed.

Mattijs Willenborg, Jean Pierre Kelbert and Paul Glynn. Kelbert is holding model JPK.
From left to right: Mattijs Willenborg, Jean Pierre Kelbert and Paul Glynn.

Paul Glynn of JPK Pacific said, “The experience and success that Jason has achieved on and off the water is remarkable and looking through his list of highlights there are podiums at all the major global regattas and multiple times.

“Having a professional of Jason’s experience with understanding of the global race market offered a mutually significant opportunity to get the message on the JPK 11.80 to the market.”

Jason said, “The success of the JPK 11.80s over the past few years and especially the JPK 11.80 Sunrise gives yacht owners here in the Asia-Pacific region a chance to pick up some podium glitter rather than be in the audience. The JPK 11.80 is affordable, versatile and sails to its rating as has been proved.”

Mattijs Willenborg of JPK Pacific said, “There is a real market out there and looking at the recent fleets and regattas here on the East Coast the JPK 11.80 definitely has a great future on the Australian racing scene for potential owners wanting a chance at a podium inside their budget with the JPK 11.80 $485,000 ex-factory.

JPK Pacific is connected to success.

As Jean Pierre Kelbert the founder of the ultra successful French JPK yachts brand said, “Our organisation sells success, and we are here to connect with our owners on the journey.”

By Paul Glynn/JPK Pacific

For more information on JPK Pacific, see:

To contact JPK Pacific’s Paul Glynn, see: p.glynn@jpkpacific.com

To contact Race Yachts’ Jason Rowed, see: Jason@raceyachts.com.au

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