Race records set to fall in 2017 Transpac

Monday, July 10th looks to be our first finish day. 

Howard Enloe's ORMA 60 Mighty Merloe continues to perform outstandingly, maintaining a lead over the MOD70s Phaedo3 and Maserati. At the July 10th 0500 HST real time position report, Mighty Merloe was 251nm from the finish, with Phaedo3 at 287 and Maserati at 318.

At the average speeds of 20+ knots, Mighty Merloe and possibly Phaedo3 could be finishing before sundown.

Comanche's 24 hour run (0800 roll call to roll call) was 484.1 nm, a new Transpac record, a 20.2 knot average speed. The previous record of 453 nm by Wild Oats XI in 2015. Previously, it was set at 431 nm by Alfa Romeo II in 2009 when they set the monohull course record which still stands (for now).

Alfa Romeo II's monohull course record time from 2009 was 5 days, 14 hours, 36 minutes, 20 seconds. Comanche will need to finish by 12:36:19 AM (Honolulu time) on 7/12/17 to break the record.

Interestingly enough Stan Honey, navigator aboard Comanche is looking to break a record he helped establish, as he was also the navigator aboard Alfa Romeo II in 2009. Stan has said what's key is not necessarily having a windy race but just having the wind be consistent.

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