Poole lifeboat aids dismasted yacht

For the third day running Poole Lifeboat was requested to launch by the UK coastguard just after 2pm on Sunday (July 5) to a report of five people in or on, an inflatable clinging to a buoy in Studland Bay.

The lifeboat launched immediately and made good speed; Swanage Lifeboat had also been tasked.

Whilst on route information came through over the radio that a passing vessel had responded and had helped the casualties ashore, the Coastguard requested that the lifeboat crew continue to the scene and check that they were all accounted for.

A member of crew went ashore at Middle Beach and checked that the casualties were all safe which they were, Swanage volunteer search and rescue Coastguards also attended.

The crew member returned to the lifeboat from Middle Beach and the lifeboat had began to return to station, when on route they came across a broken-down jet ski that was undertow by a speedboat, the lifeboat checked that they were okay and happy to continue, which they were.

Conditions in Poole Bay were choppy, with a bracing westerly wind, registering a force 6.

As the lifeboat headed back into the harbour, they were re-tasked by the Coastguard to assist a 24ft yacht with one person on-board that had dis-masted near the South Hook Buoy, which is just south of the Hook sands.

The lifeboat went alongside and transferred a member of crew across, who checked that the skipper was okay and then prepared the yacht to be towed back in with the mast and rigging trailing underneath.

A tow line was attached, and the lifeboat brought the stricken vessel into the harbour and on to its mooring off Shell Bay Marine.

The crew then hauled in the damaged mast, which was broken in several places, and secured and stowed away the sails, that were still attached with the rigging into the yacht.

With the vessel safe on its mooring, the lifeboat returned to station after a thorough wash down and then refuel the lifeboat was ready for service by 6pm.

Poole Lifeboat volunteer Helm Jonathan Clark said, ‘Its been a busy few days for us, with some different incidents and situations, it’s been bright but the conditions have been blustery, If you are heading out on the water, please know your limits and don’t put yourself at risk, stay safe’.

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