Pod Tracker can be customised to protect your boat, tender or pet

Pod Tracker was created when inventor Sebastian Langton lost his pet cat Rango, who he called “possibly the coolest cat on the planet”. But the keen yachtsman, who once had a cruiser sink under him in the Atlantic Ocean, has now adapted the technology to track almost anything, including yachts, tenders, outboards and other vital gear.

They key is programability or “modularity” in tech-speak.

“A single-purpose unit is no longer enough. From our global work with pets, we learned people need multiple solutions in a single tracker,” said Langton. “Modularity allows every user to get the necessary core features and then adapt their experience through additional modules. Each module delivers an important new capability and these capabilities make Pod 3 the only tracker in the world that can be easily and inexpensively programmed to protect a range of valuable things.”
Pod 3 has all of the device and app-based features of the previous versions, which include real-time GPS location, safe zone and escape alerts settings, and activity monitoring. Modularity builds on this platform with the following features:
  • Sound – Adds another layer of safety with the Sound module. It produces a 90dB beep audible from over 30 meters away and, among other things, assists in short-range location and behavior training. A maritime application would be locating a dinghy on a crowded beach at night or even finding the keys to the boat.
  • Ultrasonic – Activates a discreet high frequency sound wave which can only beheard by animals and pests. This feature would be ideal for scaring seagulls off the boat while at anchor or mooring.
  • Light – High powered LEDs can be set to fixed or flashing as a night-time tracking aid, safety feature, area illumination and theft deterrent.
  • PowerDock – Provides continuous power to your Pod by wiring up to an external USB or battery power source. This module allows for continuous tracking of assets well beyond any limits currently available to trackers.
  • XL Battery – The XL Battery module delivers increased power capacity to a maximum of two weeks.

In summary for yacht owners:

The new Pod3 could be set as an anchor alarm with an audible sound alerting the owner if the boat drifts. It doesn't matter if you're having a beer or a barbecue ashore or are asleep in the cabin – if your boat moves outside the pre-set zone, you know about it instantly.

It can also be used as an anti-theft device, alerting you if your boat is moved from its mooring or marina pen without authority.

You can attach it to your dinghy and/or outboard, allowing you to find them if they are “borrowed” from the beach.

And you can scare those damn seagulls away from the boat, making your next day out much more pleasant.

Pod Tracker used crowd funding to get established. They are launching Pod 3 with a Kickstarter to enable pre-purchase. A link to this campaign is availble here: http://s1EUH9aX.kckb.st

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