Mara Stransky, 16, on living a teenager’s life at sea

FOR 16-year-old Mara Stransky traffic lights are a fascinating concept. After all, when you’ve lived most of your short life on a boat, including the last five sailing the world on a 50-foot catamaran, there’s not much need for traffic management.

Ms Stransky, who lives with her parents Andrew and Caroline aboard the multihull Fantasia II says she feels more at ease on the water than she does on land.

“I do feel really at home on the boat and out on the water, more than going into a city with so many people,” she told during Audi Hamilton Island Race Week.

“You’re never in one place for very long and so everything is always a novelty. If you’re out and you see pods of dolphins or whales that’s pretty amazing but then you come into shore and you stop at traffic lights and think ‘wow, someone’s actually coordinated all of this so that the cars don’t crash into each other’, I think that’s pretty amazing as well.” 

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