Make safety your first priority with November Cruising Helmsman

Cruising Helmsman is proud to announce the awarding of a Cruiser of the Year at next year's Yachting Australia awards.

This is a big achievement and opportunity to acknowledge those who have come before us, served the cruising community in some way and deserve recognition. Get full details in the November issue.

Meanwhile, safety on board is not and never should be, thought about only as you are stepping on board. In this month's issue we look at how to prepare and plan for proper safety on board your yacht. Whether it will be setting up your 'abandon ship bag', getting the right anchor for the right locations, making sure you look after your eyes, or even planning to have the right amount of money to get out there.

We even have an introduction to a comprehensive checklist on what is required well before you head offshore. It is of vital importance.

Our anchor expert was lucky enough to test a wide range of anchors to see which works best in muddy bottoms. The answers may surprise you.

As an interesting aside to our safety feature issue there is a fascinating story on a yacht's helicopter rescue in the middle of the ocean.

We also go cruising in Ionian waters, on Lake Superior and pay a visit to the Shag Islet Rendezvous.

Alan Lucas takes us back in time retelling the story of a voyage undertaken not long after the First World War by some jaded veterans. Stirring stuff.

There is, of course, plenty more but you will have to get your own copy and find out how to start nominating!

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