Little change in ISAF World Match Race rankings for April

With the northern summer yet to get underway, there has been little action in match racing circles and consequently little change in the ISAF rankings.

In the men's division, Ian Williams (GBR) retains the number one spot and the first five positions stay the same. The two Australians in the top 10 have changed places. David Gilmour goes from 10th to 8th at the expense of fellow Western Australian Keith Swinton, who does the reverse.

The women's top 10 is also remarkably stable, with the top six remianing the same. Camilla Ulrikkeholm (DEN) retains top spot.

Milly Bennett is the top placed Australian, moving from 9th to 7th while Katie Spithill remains at 11th.

Men's rankings here.

Women's rankings here.

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