Improve your sailing. Get MAX.

Sail faster, higher and improve your overall sailing skills based on data and analytics; MAX makes it possible. This new compact, portable and wireless smart device from Sailmon is revolutionising the market for dinghies and sport boats.

More and more sailors worldwide are putting MAX onboard to further develop their training and racing, whether it be for ambition or fun. Follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest sailors like Tom Slingsby and Kyle Langford who view each sailing session as an opportunity to learn.

Every sailor has specific needs to improve their sailing and MAX offers the opportunity to review and improve your sailing in one device.

Since the launch in May, new features are added regularly, including a mode without GPS which allows for usage of MAX in every sailing class.



All your sailing data

MAX features a built-in, fast GPS and advanced 9-axis compass which generates accurate sailing data such as heading, speed, wind, and course over ground. In addition, MAX contains a ping function, countdown timer, distance, and time to start line. The very accurate GPS enables the sailor to ping the starting line and hit it at the right time. A Bluetooth connected, pocket-sized and solar-powered wind sensor provides instant and accurate apparent & true wind readings.



Analysis and fun with the app

In addition to the technological and practical solution of the MAX unit, an accompanying smartphone app visualise results on a clear timeline and map. The Sailmon app can be used to provide insight into, save or review data from training or racing. Anyone who wants to take it one step further can get a more detailed analytic and video debriefs using Sailnjord.

Please don't take our word for it

What do the best sailors in Australia have to say about MAX? Olympic Gold Medallist Tom Slingsby: “I have been using the MAX on my moth, and it has been great. Boat speed, TWA and heel angle are the three graphics I display when racing and it works great.”

America's Cup Winner Kyle Langford continues: “The clarity of the screen is fantastic. Easily visible from all angles and without any glare on the screen.”


To sum up the benefits of sailing with MAX

• All your sailing data is onboard: speed, heel, pitch, COG, heading, distance to line and start (ping).
• Add wind with the BLE wind sensor to get instant apparent & true wind readings.
• Accurate data with 3D GPS. We generate a SOG with an accuracy of 0.05m / s.
• Inductive charging and internal battery with a guarantee to all-day battery life.
• Relive your trips via the Sailmon App. Get remote live tracking and instant session reports.
• Free over the air updates. All your data ends up in the cloud. Live magic.

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