Humour – a non-sailor tries to make sense of Olympic sailing

We all know our sport is confusing to those less fortunate than ourselves who have never been sailing. And most of us bemoan the fact that it never gets any TV coverage. Well, perhaps the answer lies in this very funny article:

Fox Sports. By Chris Chase.

Because the Olympics is the world's greatest viewing buffet, I went back for seconds this morning and sampled some sailing, a sport that doesn't get much coverage on television for reasons that become immediately obvious. To say sailing is confusing is like saying Michael Phelps is comfortable in the water. And it doesn't help that the international feed features no commentators, presumably because everybody who knows how to describe the Mixed Narca 17 (multihull) race I watched today was presumably sailing in it. Thus, I was left to my own devices to try and figure out the most baffling sport in the Summer Games. Join me on my odyssey.

1. This is the start and it seems to have all the order of Black Friday at Walmart or swimming-pool management in Rio. I count at least five different direction those boats are traveling toward. This has all the order of Walmart on Black Friday or check-in at the Rio airport.

Nacra start

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Sun Odyssey 380
M.O.S.S Australia
West System 3
M.O.S.S Australia
Lagoon 51