Go Med young cruisers with September Cruising Helmsman

The Mediterranean is the largest enclosed sea and the world's largest tourist destination. Yet, in the September issue of Cruising Helmsman, we managed to find you three widely different locations not inundated with charter boats, tourists or even lots of locals!

From Croatia to Spain, with over 3000 islands the Med can still offer plenty for the intrepid cruiser to get away from it all and experience the natural wonder and the human history that is the Mediterranean Sea. All punctuated with stunning images.

For those still stuck in Australian waters we have a marina destination for those looking to work on their yachts that gives you the works.

On a practical note we look at your mast this month with two different useful articles on your yacht's driving force. The practical advantages of goosewinging headsails have long been known, but with the advantage of your roller furling one writer shows you how to simplify the system and make it safer and more efficient with his Simbo rig.

Sometimes it is necessary to go up the mast and another author uses his early mountaineering skills to show you the knots and the method he uses to get up the mast without tiring his partner.

Along with the latest in news and letters from readers as well as the regular columns on tips and tricks for setting up your boat.

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Jeanneau JY60
M.O.S.S Australia
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Jeanneau JY60
Race Yachts