In the affected batches there is a small possibility that the smoke can vent from the bottom of the handle instead of the top due to over-pressure in the ignition train.

Get the best view of the year ahead with Fujifilm binoculars.

Designed to cross over a range of sailing conditions, OSF700 is constructed from Zhik’s two-layer Apex, a highly durable fabric technology incorporating a hydrophilic, breathable membrane and with a water repellent (DWR) outer.

Have no fear when sailing, but wear Cape Fear to stay dry and warm.

Sailmon has integrated a non-GPS mode which it says allows the device to be used in classes like the Laser, which don't allow navigational aids.

The developers say that current position can be identified by observing the sun, moon, polar star and solar system planets including 57 selected navigational stars. The instrument then does all the calculations for you.

Sail faster, higher and improve your overall sailing skills based on data and analytics.

Through a contribution of EUR/USD 199, supporters have the chance to own a piece of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and help fund the continuation of the clean-up, as 100% of the proceeds will go directly to the next clean-up operations.

MAX is a compact, portable, wireless smart device for dinghy and sports boats.

In NSW, lifejacket wear rates are up from 9 per cent in 2007 to 41-45 per cent in the last few years.

The new items are a dry backpack and a high vis drybag.

Denman Marine are restoring a classic yacht using West System composites.

The catalogue is available in digital format and can be viewed or downloaded.

Barton’s blocks and traveller car systems and accessories will be available for chandleries, OEMs and riggers to order in September.

Having gone through the 100 tonne barrier of marine debris removed from Australian waterways already in 2020, we have now launched our Crab Pot Float Fundraiser where we will turn plastic bottle caps into hard plastic floats.

The gear, aimed at keeping the cockpit tidy and clutter-free, has similar features to the previous range, with a fresh new look and some notable product improvements.