Garmin 7400xsv claims to be its most powerful MFD yet

Garmin’s new GPSMAP 7400xsv series of premium multi-function displays (MFD) combines powerful performance with an interface to deliver a range of  features in a fully-networkable, simple-to-use package.

Comprising a vibrant widescreen display with full pinch-to-zoom touchscreen capabilities, the GPSMAP 7400xsv series is offered in four sizes: 7407xsv (17.9cm/7”), 7408xsv (20.3cm/8″), 7410xsv (25.4cm/10″) and 7412xsv (30.5cm/12”); to cater for all types of vessels from sportfishers to cruisers to yachts.

Built-in features such as digital switching, weather, radar, thermal and IP camera visibility, along with dedicated sailing features such as laylines, tidal information, enhanced wind rose, a current slider and other elements will strike a chord among cruisers and sailors.

The GPSMAP 7400xsv series is also compatible with BlueChart g2 and BlueChart g2 Vision maps. Along with adding 3D-views, underwater views and aerial photos, BlueChart g2 Vision also adds Garmin Auto Guidance, which eliminates the hassle of entering different waypoints to create a route to your destination. Simply move the cursor on the map to where you want to go and it will automatically plan the route from your vessel’s current location, avoiding shallow water and other charted obstructions. When networked with a Garmin autopilot, the system will also direct the boat to its destination.

Waypoints, tracks or frequently-used routes stored on other manufacturer’s GPS products or on a Garmin handheld device, the GPSMAP 7400xsv series makes it easy to transfer those items via industry-standard GPX software formatting.

As fully-networkable MFDs, the GPSMAP 7400xsv series allows the user  to share and sync data and features with other compatible GPSMAP units, such as sonar, radar, supplemental maps and user data, including waypoints, routes and tracks.

With built-in Wi-Fi, the BlueChart Mobile and Garmin Helm mobile apps can interface with the GPSMAP 7400xsv series, while Fusion-Link-enabled audio systems can also be controlled directly from the touchscreen display.

RRP from: AU$1999 / NZ$2199.

Jeanneau SO380
M.O.S.S Australia
JPK August 2023
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