Entries rolling in for fifth Groupama Race around New Caledonia

Mono-hulls and multi-hulls are signing-up for the 5th Groupama Race. From out-and-out racers to cruising mono- or multi-hulls, everyone will have a chance.

With less than nine months to go, the first expression of interest are in. Courrier Léon renamed Léon-Banque de Nouvelle-Calédonie, second overall in the last Sydney-Hobart has entered. As have Ran Tan II, an Elliot 50 from New Zealand; Internautic IV, a Dufour 44 Perf; Odyssey, a Dufour GL 410…

This year, five distinct classes have been introduced to make the competition more open. Older and slower competitors will have their chance of a place. They will race against competitors in their class, but, at the start, they will find themselves alongside much faster yachts. The challenge will really be worth it!

And this year, multi-hulls will be joining in. Moemiti, a Outremer 45 from French Polynesia has entered. Other speed machines will follow…

You have a boat, but are looking for crew? (Or the other way round.)

A crew exchange has been opened at the following URL: http://www.groupamarace.nc/equipiers/equipiers-inscrits . From the tough, hardened hand with thousands of racing miles under the belt, to a complete crew of capable and ready-to-go Australians looking for “their” boat with skipper… Everyone should be able to sail “their Groupama Race”, their “race in Paradise”, sailing anti-clockwise around the mainland, hugging more than 600 miles of UNESCO World Heritage reefs.

“Wonderful”, “difficult”, “heavenly” – there is no shortage of adjectives to describe this event. Frank Camas said “It is a good all-round race which reminded me of the Fastnet, or of certain parts of the Figaro Race”. Try and think of the word you would use to evoke souvenirs of this adventure once you have sailed it. But don’t delay! Enter now! – Registration will close on April 30th.

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