Mariner Boating Holidays offers a variety of customised holiday experiences to cater to each individual or group’s level of sailing competency

Keen to bring up a family in a sustainable environment can sometimes not be as easy as the dream, writes Krystal Keynes.

There are always used yachts available for easy purchase. Petrea Mccarthy checks out if an ex-racer is suitable for you.

The two people onboard appeared to have had trouble maintaining anchorage.

The sailing vessel's mast had fallen, preventing the man from entering the cabin to avoid the harsh elements.

LPG tanker Sahara Gas reported two people aboard a 37-foot disabled sailing vessel but the tanker was unable to lower a life boat to render assistance owing to 10-foot seas.

The three crew are reportedly in good condition, with one possible concussion after further assessment by a flight surgeon.

The team at Pantaenius has some good advice for boat owners this holiday season.

Pantaenius Insurance looks at the "small bingles" that can result in expensive repairs.

The boat did not have a marine radio and the other member of the crew had to row ashore in the yacht’s tender and walk for five hours to raise the alarm.

Pantaenius Insurance offers advice on how sailors can reduce the risk of a broken mast.

On Friday, the Channel 7 news helicopter filmed the upturned boat, floating off North Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

The well-tested Mariner formula is semi-structured, with sailing days between ports interspersed with lay days where everyone has time to smell the roses.

Even for the inexperienced at yacht racing, social races are a fun and exhilarating inclusion in all Mariner Boating yacht rallies. Some may even get a little competitive.