Connectivity for your adventures


Smart, reliable connectivity for your adventures with Fleet One from Satcom Global.

Tired of losing signal or getting a frustratingly slow connection as you head away from shore? Perhaps it’s time to consider a new option to keep you more reliably connected while sailing, with a satellite solution from Satcom Global.  

Our team of friendly experts based across Australia, can advise on a range of communications options from satellite phones, hotspots and maritime antenna’s to best meet your needs.

A solution becoming increasingly popular for use with leisure crafts and yachts is Fleet One, which provides affordable voice calling and internet access over satellite, through a small, easy to install antenna. You can use Fleet One for a wide range of applications such as to call or email the office, for keeping up to date with weather reports and route planning, or even just to let the kids browse and update social media. Fleet One operates over the Inmarsat network too, so you can be assured of service quality and reliability when out on the open water.

Satcom Global offers a range of exclusive Fleet One voice and data plans that can cost as little as a mobile phone subscription and are built to be flexible to suit the seasonal requirements of users, so you’re not tied in to paying for something when you’re not using it.

If you’re interested in a more flexible and reliable communications solution for when you’re out of shore coverage, please visit our website for more details and to get in touch:

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