Support Lisa Blair’s world-record attempt

Australian sailor Lisa Blair never does anything by halves.

Her passion for the environment drives her to take on challenges that require huge commitments and sacrifices in equal measure.

At the end of this month, the 38-year-old Queenslander will embark on a second attempt of a solo circumnavigation of Antarctica aboard the Hick 50, Climate Action Now.

Blair has two goals: to break the 2008 record of 102 days set by Russian explorer and artist Fedor Konyukhov, and to actively survey the oceanic environment.

She plans to start her epic 360-degree voyage from Albany, WA, but there is a catch. Blair needs more sponsors to make the dream a reality.

Lisa Blair on the bow of her boat on the dock.
You can support Lisa Blair on her upcoming voyage. Pic – Koop’s pics

This is an opportunity for individuals, clubs and businesses to be part of history. On her voyage in the treacherous Southern Ocean, Blair will witness mother nature at her best – and worst. Blair will most likely face gale-force winds, blizzards, isolation and breakages. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

During her record attempt, in conjunction with the Clean Ocean Foundation (COF), Blair will collect valuable data in the Southern Ocean (water temperature, carbon dioxide levels, salinity levels, etc.) That information will then be used by scientists to better understand the impacts of climate change on the Southern Ocean.

“That’s why a part of what I’m doing in so important because I’m getting data that doesn’t exist,” Blair said on the phone from Albany. “While this record is a second go, it’s also a first go as it’s the first time I’m able to do the science and everything which makes this project so unique.”

Photo portrait of Lisa Blair in her wet weather gear.
“It’s a unique opportunity for people to become a part of the record,” Blair said.

In 2017, Blair became the first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica solo with one stop. A traumatic dismasting forced Blair to make a stop in Cape Town, South Africa, before she recommenced the voyage.

Since then, Blair has accumulated many more miles aboard Climate Action Now. And in 2021, the yacht was on the hardstand at Rivergate Marina, Brisbane for a total refit. She has a new mast, a pedestal grinder system and boat wrap.

Lisa Blair on Climate Action Now with the jury rig up.
Climate Action Now with her jury rig up in 2017. Pic – Lisa Blair

Recently, Blair sailed Climate Action Now from Queensland to Albany’s Waterfront Marina.

Blair is confident that Climate Action Now can take on the Southern Ocean.

“Overall, she’s performed incredibly on the delivery across [from Queensland to Albany],” Blair said.

“We got some really good speeds, and I pushed the boat really hard in certain sections to see how the auto-pilot and rudder would react under pressure. I have every confidence that the boat’s prepared to a point that she is going to be able to safely sail around Antarctica.”

Blair's 2017 route.
Blair’s 2017 route.

But it costs money to attempt to break a record like this one. Blair wants to pay off the cost of Climate Action Now’s refit prior to her departure. Blair would appreciate any support, whether it is the sponsorship of a degree (one degree is AU$1200) or a one-off donation. There are 100 degrees (out of 360) still available for sponsorship.  

The benefits from sponsorship include:

  • Logo displayed on Lisa Blair’s website under 360-degree sponsors. You can use your own business or name, nominate a business, or dedicate the degree as a gift to someone else.
  • Acknowledgment through social media.
  • Assigned a degree for the trip (you are welcome to request a degree that has a meaning to you and Lisa will do her best to accommodate your request).
  • Acknowledged through Lisa Blair’s blog when she traverses your degree of her record.
  • Supplied a media pack of photos and videos for the promotion of your sponsorship.
  • Supplied a certificate of appreciation with a framed image of Lisa’s yacht Climate Action Now under sail.
  • Receive a signed copy of Lisa’s book ‘Facing Fear’ (posted with certificate). Benefit from a tax deduction for your sponsorship through Lisa Blair’s partnership with the COF based in Melbourne.
  • Best of all, you are signing on to support an Aussie adventurer to generate real data for our climate and marine scientist community. Support our future!

Blair said she was thankful to those who have already committed to sponsorships. These include individual sponsors and organisations such Pacific Sailing School and Women Who Sail Australia.

“It’s a unique opportunity for people to become a part of the record,” Blair said. “Anyone can become part of this story and contribute to the world record and contribute to the fact that I‘m able to take this science and do what I‘m doing in a really impactful way.”

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By Greta Quealy

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