Australian Cadet team praised for their manners at Worlds

Coaches blog #3 by Tony Bull.

Well yesterday started off bright and early (well for teenagers anyway) at 8.30. We were the second team through measurement at 9.40 and boats have to be stripped down so sails and components can be measured and hulls weighed. All went through without a hitch and the measurers were complimentary on the presentation and politeness of the team.

Following this the boats were reassembled and we had a bit of downtime.

The race committee have laid the course marks and we took advantage at 3pm by having a mock race (Australians only ) around the full course. The race track was very central on the lake and away a bit from the visually breathtaking cliffs. This took away a little of the huge right hand bias on the course that we had all been made aware off by past and present Lake Garda sailors. After this we came straight ashore, our last few sessions have been relatively short to try and keep fresh, we have some very young sailors so need to have them at their best. The regatta with its sailing in the afternoon Ora wind will be very taxing and require a high work rate.

Looking ahead, today we have our competitors briefing followed by the Invitation race. We are looking forward to this as it gives us our first chance to line up against the rest of the fleet. Getting good results in the invitation race are a little like dancing with your sister, from afar looks pretty good but means little. But we welcome the chance to sail with full fleet density as part of our preparation.

Tonight we have our opening ceremony and that is a huge buzz, to see the kids march under the Southern Cross is a very proud and memorable sight.

Ciao Bully

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