Announcing the launch of the World Yacht Rally

There is a new player in the yacht rally market, one who has set out to create the ultimate cruising experience for those seeking to pursue their dream of sailing around the planet. The World Yacht Rally starts November 2020 and finishes June 2023, with a second edition starting in November 2021 and finishing June 2024.

The World Yacht Rally team recognise that when people plan their adventure, they look forward to the fun and unique, once in a lifetime experiences their trip will bring and hope that they have no difficulties or problems along the way. For those who choose to participate in the World Yacht Rally, the possibility to achieve this dream now exists.

The World Yacht Rally was created by Stef van’t Zand in partnership with Nick Bice, Jack Lloyd and Jordan Spencer, each of whom are Volvo Ocean Race alumni. This team has been responsible for providing the support and servicing to the Volvo Ocean Race race teams, as part of the Boatyard, and the race management team for the Volvo Ocean Race.

The WYR draws on their expertise at the top level of ocean sailing, utilising their experience and their networks to create the ultimate cruising adventure for yacht owners. The WYR is a premier event with participants experiencing the best in servicing and support.

The WYR has developed the route utilising the World's best professional navigators and meteorologists. A route that takes advantage of known prevailing conditions and then will utilise these professionals to provide daily routing, to ensure participants travel in safety and visit amazing locations at the most opportune times.

Participants will receive safety training prior to the start, and 24/7 medical support and security threat assessment during the event. Each boat will receive service and safety checks, including non-destructive testing of key critical components at scheduled stopovers ahead of each major ocean crossing.

They will benefit from the WYR network of boat builders, sail makers, riggers, electricians, engineers and suppliers when repairs and replacements are required. The WYR will provide each vessel with access to a specially developed app where all the technical details of each boat will be recorded, ensuring they can provide support to participants at any stage of their

The WYR team will help with permits, visas and documentation for each location including transiting the Panama Canal. They will also provide docking at each venue as your boat is checked over and you re-provision.

Each vessel will receive a special WYR pilotage/log book to assist with their travels and provide a unique memento of their adventure.

Participants will enjoy exclusive events and parties ahead of each leg departure. Time is allowed for extensive cruising at each location, generally several weeks and the calendar allows for an extensive three month layover in New Zealand should it be needed and four months to cruise the Australian east coast, allowing participants flexibility in their travel plans.

The World Yacht Rally plan is to provide an event that circumnavigates the globe, but participants are able to start and depart the WYR in 3 locations Europe, the Caribbean and Australia/New Zealand.

In addition, participants will have the option of utilising their pool of professional sailors, plus a range of other services including yacht care, travel, logistics, resupply and the ability to sell space on their yacht for legs, or charter their vessel for designated legs.

Numbers are limited. The WYR is hoping to achieve a critical mass of entrants by April 2020 to ensure the event is viable.

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M.O.S.S Australia
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