America's Cup victor Grant Dalton makes defeated Jimmy Spithill look good

Emirates Team New Zealand boss, Grant Dalton, has had his share of detractors in the past. And even leading his team to success in Bermuda after the humiliation of San Francisco has not been enough to win over his critics. For one reason or another, “Dalts” has upset key members of the New Zealand media and they didn't iss the chance to have another crack at him when he was less-than-gracious after the Kiwis historic win., by Kevin Norquay

OPINION: Team New Zealand boss Grant Dalton has achieved what was until Tuesday thought impossible; he's made hard-nosed Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill look good.

Perhaps Dalton was over-excited after TNZ prised the America's Cup off multi-millionaire syndicate Oracle Team USA and their Aussie helmsman Spithill.

Whatever, he came across as graceless, a stand-up example of all the things we teach kids not to be after playing sport. Shake hands, say well done to the vanquished opposition, celebrate with your teammates.

And Spithill? Having just been thrashed, having just lost the world's oldest sporting trophy after doing everything in his blunt and aggressive fashion to win, was in defeat all the things we would wish our kids to be.

Congratulations Team New Zealand were just about the first words out of Spithill's mouth after the Cup was lost.

“We're disappointed obviously, but first of all full credit to Team New Zealand, what a series,” he said. “They made fewer mistakes and they fully deserve it so our hats are off to them. They had a great boat, they outsailed us, so well done.”

He had done his best. He had lost. He chose to be magnanimous and congratulatory, even though he had a dead rat to swallow. Let's not forget he and Dalton have long professed a dislike of each other.

Here's Spithill on Dalton: “It's no secret that Grant Dalton and I don't see eye-to-eye but what an effort to come back and get it done.”

Here's Dalton on Spithill: “Frankly I couldn't care less about Spithill to tell you the truth.”

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