Abell Point Marina to eliminate single-use plastics

Abell Point Marina is continuing on its path towards ‘cleaner’ living with the most recent development being the signing of a pledge with the Marina Industries Association to fully eliminate single-use plastics from within the marina.

The marina has already committed itself towards being plastic bag free, where all marina guests receive their own environmentally friendly reusable shopping back at check-in. Similarly, all dining and food outlets, plus several tourism operators, within the marina signed The Last Straw campaign pledge in July 2018. Through this, Abell Point proudly became the first marina in the country where every all food and beverage outlets are committed to prohibiting plastic straws.

The future also holds some exciting new environmental initiatives for the marina, following the sponsoring of local volunteer group Eco Barge Clean Seas, through the Containers for Change scheme. The vision is to assist with funding this committed not-for-profit organization, through giving them access to the marina’s collected recycled materials, from which they can generate funds to continue the wonderful work that they do in terms of keeping the seas clean through marine debris removal, recycling of plastics and their Turtle Rescue Centre.

As first-time sponsors of the annual Great Barrier Reef Festival, Abell Point Marina will host a series of marine debris (Trash to Treasure) workshops led by acclaimed artist, David Day. The vision for the workshops is to engage the community by offering them the opportunity to upcycle marine debris into pieces of art, which will then be displayed throughout the four-day festival in August.

For more information on how to be involved, visit the Great Barrier Reef Festival’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/715314145593824/

Abell Point Marina is consistently working towards reducing their environmental footprint in a bid to protect and preserve the incredible marine environment of their beautiful backyard, the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Staying true to their environmental policy, as well as the spirit of the Whitsundays, the marina is keen to promote bigger adventures, yet with much smaller ‘footprints’. This signed pledge is acknowledgement of the need to proactively address the damaging reality of single-use plastic and publicly show the genuine commitment the marina has towards initially reducing unnecessary waste, and ultimately eliminating it throughout the marina by 2025.

In a bid to guide local operators and visitors on greener ventures through the wonderful Whitsundays, the marina is entirely committed to this pledge and the next steps towards ensuring current and future generation’s enjoyment of a pristine marine environment.

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