2017 Australian Sailing Annual General Meeting and Board Appointments

Australian Sailing Ltd held their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 4 November 2017 attended by the Board and Management of Australian Sailing and the Presidents or representatives of the State and Territory Associations.

In his President’s Report to the Meeting, Matt Allen explained that during the past year, Australian Sailing had operated for the first time with one national budget, incorporating State and Territory interests, and one strategic plan as a result of the finalisation of the One Sailing project in 2016. 

“Over the last 12 months, we have started to see the benefits of one national administration and budget, as we began the amalgamation of finances of the national office with the eight States and Territories.  It has been a time of discovery and consolidation and while we have made savings, there is still plenty of work to be done. There is an opportunity to further streamline and better utilise our own resources and we are focussed on delivering these activities to clubs to ensure the future of our sport,” Matt said.

Matt acknowledged the commitment of the clubs in embracing the changed structure and applauded them on their ongoing activities to further sailing nationally.  He thanked the State and Territory Associations Presidents and Boards for their contribution to ensuring the success of One Sailing.

Matt also thanked the Australian Sports Commission, and their Chairman John Wyllie, for their ongoing support and acknowledged the contribution of Peter Conde who has departed Australian Sailing to take over as Director of the AIS.

With only a limited time for reporting since arriving in May 2017, Australian Sailing CEO John Lee has met with many members, clubs and sailors and been struck by the dedication of so many to ensure the viability of sailing nationally. 

“There is a great spirit and vibrancy amongst the sailing community to ensure a constant roster of racing, learning and programs.  There have been substantial changes to the national organisation but locally, sailing is always the priority.

“In the past 12 months, Australian Sailing recorded a loss which can be attributed to lower revenues in commercial programs including sponsorship and course fees. There have also been higher expenses in changing and standardising the national administration in the inaugural year with write-downs of stock, IT costs and differing accounting treatments from some States.

“We have recently undertaken a functional review of our staffing and activities and have commenced a process of amalgamating roles and tasks, better managing our existing resources and consolidating our activities.  We expect to return the budget to a surplus at the end of this financial year and ensure our reserves remain intact for the future,” John said.

The Australian Sailing Board met and re-elected Matt Allen as President and Sarah Kenny as Vice-President, while Jenni Maclean was re-elected as an Appointed Director of Australian Sailing.  

The Australian Sailing Annual Report 2016-17 can be viewed online at the Australian Sailing website  

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