Is the answer to lump all the beginner classes together and let the fastest class win?

Should lifejackets be compulsory when we're sailing? I think not!

The prime topic among ocean racers recently has been the high casualty rate in the Volvo race. The VOR 70s were supposed to be state-of-the-art, high-tech, unbreakable, carbon fibre speed machines, capable of handling whatever nature decided to throw at them.

The Crawford report challenges sporting bodies to improve their structure or miss out on funding. In his February/March column in Australian Sailing magazine (reprinted here), CEO of Yachting Australia, Phil Jones, seeks feedback from members, particularly on the role of the state organisations.

Victoria and Queensland already have strict PFD legislation. Now NSW is proposing to toughen up. What do you think? Should we have to wear lifejackets at night? Or do tougher regulations just turn people away from the sport?

In his editorial for the November issue of Australian Sailing, Roger McMillan suggests that the 33rd America's Cup between two mis-matched multihulls will be a non-event. Is it time to consign the Cup to history and start a new World Cup of match racing? What do you think?

Yachting journalist Stripey Grant suggests the handicapper deserves more respect. As clubs around the country get their seasons underway, what do you think? Is your handicapper a knee-capper or a good bloke doing a tough job?

Should we have a bonfire and burn decades of history in pursuit of Olympic gold? A sailing "newby" presents an interesting question, sure to raise some hackles. What do you think? Add your comments.

A 13-year-old Dutch girl is attempting to be the youngest person to sail around the world. <b>What are your thoughts?</b>