If you thought jet skis were bad, wait till this thing fires up next to you in the quiet anchorage.

Readers are invited to contribute opinion pieces, suggesting improvements for the racing and cruising fraternities.

Dana Johannsen says the biggest deterrent for challengers is the structure of the next event.

Sailing coverage at Rio is likely to suffer if there is no pay TV component.

Cruising Helmsman editor Phil Ross starts the debate on the Rebel Heart rescue.

An America's Cup ship that captures a Google vessel wins its race.

Multihulls are now 'mainstream' and should be welcomed in all major sailing events.

The challenge needs to be credible to attract the good sailors, but needs good sailors to be credible.

Matt Allen outlines plans for the future of sailing in Australia.

Don Hartley says nine deaths from 1.8 million boaters is statistically no cause for draconian legislation.

Please share this article with your friends and demand some action from ISAF.

Roger McMillan editorialises on what needs to be done to make ISAF's rankings mean something to the sailors.

Is the answer to lump all the beginner classes together and let the fastest class win?

Should lifejackets be compulsory when we're sailing? I think not!

The prime topic among ocean racers recently has been the high casualty rate in the Volvo race. The VOR 70s were supposed to be state-of-the-art, high-tech, unbreakable, carbon fibre speed machines, capable of handling whatever nature decided to throw at them.

The Crawford report challenges sporting bodies to improve their structure or miss out on funding. In his February/March column in Australian Sailing magazine (reprinted here), CEO of Yachting Australia, Phil Jones, seeks feedback from members, particularly on the role of the state organisations.