Should the Sydney Hobart use a staggered start, change its handicapping system, allow multihulls and do away with HF radios?

More transparency, better communication, stronger governance and greater accountability are the four main aims of the new leadership team.

The majority of Senators found the name ‘Yacht Club’ to have a particularly offensive association with yacht clubs and a recreation known for being exclusive.

Although water quality is a real issue, floating objects remain a bigger threat.

Sailing superstars are never too busy to help out the kids.

Team New Zealand needs the Cup more than the Cup needs Team New Zealand.

Public opinion and rumblings among the sailors are likely factors in the skipper's demise.

Membership is growing, better pathways are offered and more time and money can be spent on things sailors want.

How do you compare a 100ft Swiss army knife like Wild Oats with a standard production boat or a classic like Maluka of Kermandie?

Most will applaud the appointment, but there will be some significant bridges to rebuild.

Technology would give the sailors a fairer race, at the cost of junkets for the favoured few.

Roger McMillan suggests starting every race under black flag until the sailors behave.

Extreme Series skippers meet the umpires over coffee to discuss calls from the previous day.

Queensland gas compliance systems are not being recognised, forcing extra costs on visiting owners.

An extensive search for a yachtsman missing in the North Sea has the editor questioning his "safety third" approach.

There was just 0.01 difference in handicap between a heavy cruising yacht and a bigger racing yacht.