• The new 49er.
    The new 49er.

Double Olympic champion Malcolm Page and his skippers Nathan Wilmot and Mat Belcher are well-known for naming their boats after Nicole Kidman movies. But another two Australian Olympic champions have dedicated their new skiff to a legend of the one-liner - the Western Force's crazy winger Nick Cummons, alias The Honey Badger.

Videos of Nick's post-match interviews have gone viral on YouTube, with Americans watching them in amazement before posting that they haven't a clue what he said, but they thought it must be funny. His metaphors include "sweating like a bag of cats at a greyhound meet" and "he's as tough as woodpecker's lips".

In Beau Outteridge's video of the christening of the new skiff in Weymouth, Iain "Goobs" Jensen explains that they like the name because "The Honey Badger doesn't give a [blank]".


You can watch The Honey Badger here:

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