ZHIK’s Latest Powerpads 3 will keep you hiking harder, for longer

For everyone who’s practicing in the garden on their home made hiking benches or in dinghies in their jacuzzi, Zhik’s Powerpads 3 are the latest piece of fitness equipment to keep you hiking harder for longer. When we can get back properly afloat, they’ll help you hike more effectively and be faster around the race course too.

Zhik has improved the design of the Powerpads with superior fit through the adjustable Velcro tabs. This enables a closer, more customised fit when wearing different layers for warmer or cooler conditions. Crucial for more effective hiking power and improved comfort around the race course, or on the hiking bench.

Powerpads 3 are made from a durable neoprene with reinforcement in high wear areas to protect from abrasion. They are worn as a slim fitting, 4-batten pad that flexes to conform to your thigh shape and are supplied with an optional EVA pad, that can be inserted for extra body-height off the decks. This can help increase your leverage, as well as create your own bespoke, optimised hiking position for different types of boats and side deck design.

Designed to be worn as a tube around the thighs, under or over a wetsuit or over leggings inside a Drysuit, they enable a wider range of body movement, and avoid the bulk of secondary pair of overshorts restricting movement through the waist and hips.

Available online from a variety of Zhik’s retail dealers and from Zhik.com.

RRP: GBP £89.95; US $109.99; €99.95; AUS $149.95


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