Zhik is set to launch its ocean racing and cruising gear

A recent trip to Zhik headquarters gave the Yaffa sailing media team a heads-up on the latest sailing gear being launched for the summer season.

After much research and development by this Australian company, Zhik have produced in-house its competition for the ocean racing and blue-water cruising market. A new player on the market using a new fabric.

Known mostly for off-the-beach dinghy clothing and gear and used around the world, Zhik's latest fabrics lend itself to the offshore sailing scene. Isotak is its own proprietary material the company claims will outlast any other wet weather gear on the market, while remaining light and dry.

Arriving in Australia around mid-October there is a full range of clothing for all types of sailing: from Ocean for the real heavy racing down to Kiama, a lighter range that more suits cruising sailors or harbour racing. These jackets, smocks and salopettes are redesigned from the ground up and, Zhik claim, make them totally different to all other wet weather gear.

As confident as the company is, they respect (and encourage) feedback and challenge users to “smash the gear and report back.”

Expect to see a full launch soon.

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