Youngest Global Solo Challenge entrant

The 32-year-old Francesco Cerina from Nuoro in Sardinia is the youngest entry so far in the Global Solo Challenge.

Until now it was British entry William Croxford. Both were born in ’89. In his interview he tells us that he cannot boast a prestigious racing CV but that he loves sailing very much. As a child he started sailing Optimists and on his family boat.

Today he is passionate about Moths, with which he is learning a lot, and has a G34, the One-Design Finot used for the Giro d ‘Italia a Vela organised by Cino Ricci, that he could modify and prepare. He confesses that however, if there was an opportunity, he would like to upgrade to a Class40 that would, however, require an important sponsor.

We are pleased to welcome the fourth Italian entry after the announcement of Riccardo Tosetto’s participation last week.


Where does your passion for sailing come from?

I always had it, my parents own an RPD41 since 1986, I was born in ’89 and I was lucky enough to spend all my childhood summers on the boat. From there, as soon as I was old enough, I started with Optimists and my first regattas.

What lessons have you learnt from sailing?

The only thing I can say is that I learned to cope with everything that was thrown at me, always and in any case… in face of difficulties I always found the solutions to get by.

What brought you to like single-handed sailing?

The fact that you don’t have to arrange things with other people. When sailing solo you are the mastermind of everything. It happened to me too many times to have to cancel everything because of others, after many sacrifices. So I decided that when you want to do something, you have to roll up your sleeves and get on with it.

What prompted you to sign up for this event?

Let’s just say I’m a lover of challenges. In addition… There are some things you feel like doing, this is one of them.

How do you plan to prepare for this event?

1. Find a Sponsor.
2. Ask for advice from those who can give it.
3. Give my best until the end.

What do you think will be the biggest challenge?

Be on the starting line. Then after that – who knows…

Tell us about your boat or the boat you would like to have.

I have a G34 to prepare, but of course if I had to find a big enough sponsor I would love to participate with a Class40.

Do you intend to link this personal challenge to a social cause?

Not really, no. I do it to better myself and because I love what I do. By which I mean sailing.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, as usual I would like to thank to all the people who support me and who have helped me and feel responsible for my personal growth and as a sailor.

Sponsor wanted!

Sailing experience

I’m not a racing CV guy, but I like to say that I really enjoy what I do. I can always and in any case, for better or worse, find the good in what I do. I love solo and double-handed offshore yacht racing, and a year ago I started sailing on a Moth. I’m learning so much.

The boat

Boat name: Lima – Kooks

Project: Giro 34 (Finot- Ricci)

Sail number: ITA 17523

Year: 2000

LOA: 34ft

Displacement: 3,800kgs

Upwind sail area: 68m2

Downwind sail area: 125m2

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