Winter is coming but Cruising Helmsman gives you lots to do

While the onshore deciduous trees begin the long journey to bare branches, Cruising Helmsman April issue makes sure there is still plenty to learn and do.

Have you ever wondered about how to read boat plans and figure out what lines makes a good cruiser? Well our naval architect lays it out in black and white, giving a simple demonstration on what each plan view means and what to look for in all those lines.

As the weather turns colder and we still want to go sailing, the need for good wet weather gear becomes an imperative. But why is it so expensive? Cruising Helmsman put this question to three different suppliers and, while receiving the same answer, we got three different reasons. Read the full explanation this month.

If it does get too cold and you are no longer so bold, why not take the hint in this issue and follow your compass north. Magnetic north that is, to Magnetic Island. Other cruising destinations include Clarence River, quite the surprise; and Bantry Bay an even bigger surprise so close to Sydney.

There is plenty more to see and do so you will have to grab your own copy and see for yourself.

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