Win an action camera and join the video phenomenon

The video recording market has been a growth market for quite a few years now.

While some products stand out as the best known, there is a number of products that provide the same video and still photography but at a lesser price. Cruising Helmsman was provided with a test camera from Directed Electronics Australia and its Kapture range of digital video recorders (DVRs).

Now that we have finished testing it, Directed Electronics have allowed us to offer it as a giveaway to one lucky reader.

This Kapture KPT-600 camera provides an added option when recording your cruising holiday. Its continual video recording feature provides you with the opportunity to have footage of those scary, funny and amazing moments you never have the chance to film. The KPT-600 films in high definition and comes with a sports action pack including a waterproof casing and multiple mounting options for the boat or body. On its back is a five centimetre LCD screen that is easily viewed in outdoor sun and at any angle.

These action cams allow you to place the camera on the aft pushpit and with its 120° viewing angle not only see the whole boat but a lot of the ocean sea state as well. Quick connections mean you can disconnect the camera quickly from its mount and run forward with the camera to video or photograph those cavorting dolphins on the bow.

The video footage is high definition 1080 pixels at 25 feet per second or in low definition 720 pixels at 30fps. This means you can film at suitable for large television viewing or save space and make it low definition good enough for the internet.

Enhance your blogs or e-mails to family and friends by adding dramatic video. We found the KPT-600 a very simple camera to use and, while it may not be as sophisticated as the more popular brands, the Kapture is half the price and does all you need to turn out good videos.

By turning on its loop recording function you can let the camera run and it will record over unsuitable footage until you tell it to keep what you want. This feature is also useful if you are driving on roads you are unsure of, the loop recording can be used as a dashboard cam or bike helmet camera to keep a record in case of insurance claim.

The camera comes with a suite of mounting options including head/helmet harness, stanchion clamp, sticky back pads and suction cup. All cables are also included.

Rain, hail or shine, you can save visual, audible and time stamped records of your experiences no matter the location or conditions. The only thing you are limited by is the size of the micro SD card you put into it.

To win the test camera used by Cruising Helmsman, trust me it is still in mint condition just lacking a carry case, is to take a photo of you and/or family and guests reading Cruising Helmsman. Naturally the most innovative, exotic or humorous will increase its potential to win the Kapture KPT-600 pack.

Send in your entry to Cruising Helmsman Phillip Ross and the winner will be announced at the end of March.


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