Wild Westcoast Landyachting World Championship

Sankt Peter-Ording, Germany: The surf is pushing on the beach and the wind blowing strong as I drive 100km/h with the landyacht as the water bangs against the visor and the breath hangs with the pulse pumping.

Full concentration is needed as I travel three times faster than the true wind.

“If you are lying flat in the landsailing yacht, then somehow everything flies past you. But hours later, when you come to rest and look at the pictures, you ask yourself what you can do with 7.35 square meters sail area,” says competitor and Olympian, Roland Gaebler, better known as an Olympian in the Tornado class with Bronze from the Sydney Games.

We have 150 sailors from 15 nations competing in five classes at the racing at the Landyachting World Championship:

All information: www.worldchampionships2018.de/

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Selden Asymetric Rib Technology
Selden Asymetric Rib Technology